How CloudCodes CASB for Healthcare Indusrty Helps in Data Protection

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 22nd, 2021

With more and more organizations jumping into the cloud service bandwagon, it becomes necessary that security becomes the core issue when providing solutions. The healthcare segment precisely has data that is highly confidential and is devoid of proper data security protocols, some aspects like HIPAA compliance, etc., can be compromised, paving the way for the loss of clients’ trust in that particular healthcare firm. Let us talk about a healthcare organization to know what are the challenges it faced when using a cloud service application, how CASB for Healthcare indusrty helps in data protection.

Introduction – Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare firms focused on the diagnosis and management of brain disorders redefining behavioral healthcare. They used high-end technology for seamless and instant methods on patients to measure moods, cognition, and behaviors in-home/office surroundings, thus delivering great insights that were not viable to be offered through the traditional clinical, imaging, and neuropsychological techniques.

CASB Solution

They rightly deployed G Suite but were apprehensive of the cloud security since they did not have the proper data security norms in place. Their main concern was to have device-based restrictions in their office premises, and thus they wanted a solution wherein they could execute a data-safe transition to the cloud.

Free Data Access Challenges

The free access of their confidential patient records, etc., over the cloud on any devices, was giving rise to Healthcare data security issues, and they felt that the current network architecture was inadequate to meet this demand. This issue needs attention, and when faced with the data security challenge, the organization deployed CloudCodes for G Suite, best in class CASB solution.

Need of CASB for Healthcare Data Security

Initially, when the organization deployed Google Apps for Work, the IT staff started encountering this inevitable problem of free access of data by the users from just about any devices, and there were absolutely no restrictions imposed on them. It will pose a grave threat to the security of sensitive data if not resolved. It was acknowledged that only G Suite security control would never be enough to ensure full data protection specifically for cases wherein the data was accessed through unmanaged devices. So the solution to this problem is with device restriction policy to the users. Cloud Access Security Brokers was the first thing that came to their minds.

CloudCodes for G Suite Security

While searching for an effective solution, they came across this beneficial CASB solution in the form of CloudCodes for G Suite. This healthcare firm conducted many trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions in which the CloudCodes experts ran through a series of used cases for both the managed and unmanaged devices. After proper trials and execution, a customized CASB solution was deployed for the healthcare institution where Device Restriction policy was implemented in the Access Control solution. It was made possible by binding the MAC address of users with specific devices. It helped the firm to get rid of its problem related to the unauthorized access of the confidential data from unmanaged devices. Besides, this helped the organization to get more security features for its browser, hardware, and even the sharing of data. Thus, with the CloudCodes CASB solution, the firm was able to secure their sensitive health-related data on unmanaged devices fully.

The Conclusion

Data security is still a risk to organizations running on cloud services. For healthcare data security, it is essential to safeguard their sensitive patient information. The data is vulnerable to attack through malicious hacking, anomalies in data usage, insider threats, and unrestricted devices. Proper CASB solutions have to be in place in addition to the security control of G Suite if the data loss risk problem is to be mitigated. It is possible by an effective CASB solution which controls device restriction in the Access Control solution, thus enabling the healthcare organizations to run smoothly without the fear of non-compliance or security breach of its data.