If Cloud Use is Core in Healthcare Firms Then, CASB Solution Is Must

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 4th, 2021

Cloud access security broker solutions enhance data visibility on online platforms and help users to keep external and internal threats at bay. These solutions are not only available for IT companies but, also for healthcare firms.

The cloud application adoption in healthcare firms continues to grow in a steady manner with companies turning towards SaaS platforms like Office 365, G Suite, AWS, etc. Their perspective is to enhance as well as update business efficiency and workflow. At the same time, it is essential for companies to adopt Cybersecurity on their premises, if they are making use of cloud computing technology. Despite in-built precautions, cloud data protection officers need to give extra attention to ensuring sensitive data safety and privacy. In order to achieve security up to that end, CASB solutions are important to be enforced.

CASB Integration With MFA and IAM is Important

A prediction was made by Gartner analysts that till the year 2020, around 6 out of 10 big enterprises will start using CASB solutions. They use them to manage and control at least some of their online services. The prediction rate is 20 percent more than the current status. Well, a cloud access security broker vendor helps its clients in finding and managing holes in an existing business network. Focusing in conjunction along with IAM (identity and access management) utilities, and providing MFA (multifactor authentication) feature, help healthcare firms in preventing their records from Cybercriminals.

For example – Suppose a user X typically uses Office 365 tenant from Chicago. Suddenly, a CASB notices and tracks that today, User X is trying to login into Office 365 tenant from London. In this scenario, the user and entity behavior analytic system of CASB triggers. This automatically generates an MFA request to the IAM feature and notifies the user about the same. If user X is authentic, he will be permitted to use the account. If not, he or she will be restricted from using the O365 tenant. The entire example demonstrates the role of CASB solution where it can restrict unwanted use of sensitive content or breaches of SaaS app.

More on Adoption of CASB in Healthcare Firms

“With the proliferate of cloud apps and data, online security team in healthcare domain faces more and more cloud challenges while controlling the sprawl and holding an effective Cybersecurity infrastructure.” CASB providers not only render a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the firm’s cloud traffic and usage but, also permits the IT team to use standards for data handling. In healthcare firms, there are three primary factors that are compulsory to be present in a CASB vendor solution :

  • Data protection and regulatory compliance of confidential patient records.
  • Safeguarding of business information on an external public cloud platform
  • Ensuring security and safety of content or apps used on unknown devices.

The last third point is for the healthcare firms who permit employees to work with business sensitive content on their personal devices. In simple words, it means that organizations that permit BYOD in their working environment should focus more on Cybersecurity. Usually, it has been observed that ‘a a complicated situation arises when clinical staffs are not considered as employees of the company’. Don’t be surprised, it’s true! It means that the ability to force management control via BYOD technology is more difficult than the employee.

Its Time for Conclusion

CASB vendors have a feature of ‘discovery’, which permits them to address the unsanctioned apps running throughout the company, and then come out with a risk aspect to them. The adoption of online products and services is undoubtedly a boon for vendors. Maintenance of medicine and population records is essential to have in healthcare industries. Therefore, if these records are stored in the cloud, a CASB solution for security is needed. This could take your business in a correct way by monitoring and mitigating Cybersecurity threats.