Top Cloud Challenges 2021 – That Beginners Face When They Adopt Online Technology

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 13th, 2021

Businesses are shifting their work online because of the multiple benefits provided in cloud computing like business growth, innovation, scalability, and agility. But, because of the issues like privacy, security, and big data, enterprises are quite worried. They have to face lots of cloud challenges when they plan to adopt online technology. In this post, we are going to elaborate on the 5 top cloud challenges 2021, which beginners face at the time of cloud storage implementation.

Top Cloud Challenges 2021 – At The Implementation Time

  • Service Quality – One of the major cloud implementation risks is security quality, which is to be considered by industries. Generally, this is a cause due to which companies may either love or hate to work on the cloud storage platform. They have the fear that cloud service vendors do not render any assurance about app security. Business clients are completely unknown from the technologies and standards used by CSPs to keep the data secure. Apart from this, service availability, scalability, and performance are the other important aspects that are considered by today’s companies. Lots of service-level agreements are now covered with overall industrial loss. In absence of an adequate amount of service, the industry will never imagine hosting their business architecture on the cloud.
  • Cyber Attacks – Another cloud challenge for cloud service vendors as well as consumers is the risks associated with Cyberattack. The information stored on the cloud always has the risk of Cybersecurity threats, which is a major aspect to be considered in cloud computing technology. The amount of data stored online is vulnerable to threats, which might result in data breach incidents and Cybercrimes as well. The increased threats’ level is usually because of recurring threats by brute force, bot malware, and virtual systems. Assessment of the service vendor’s protection solutions against these harmful attacks is useful to address the current security level offered to data stored online. Regardless of the fact that how to advance or updated security measures are enforced, Cyber threats are always going to be on the verge.
  • Cloud Infrastructure – One of the most threatening and tough part at the time of cloud implementation is an amalgamation of the active architecture to the cloud. A huge number of enterprises are already encountering different challenges while adopting a cloud computing strategy, named ‘Bring Your Own Device’. The benefits added in this new technology, which are derived from the introduction of discrete online services into a company, will never gain what a well-consolidated platform could deliver. Forming a tight (or solid) strategy is important because it makes things simpler in governance agencies, then in the corporate world, including IT.
  • Data Privacy – This cloud challenge is not only limited up to data privacy but, also comprises of its security. The online service is hosted by cloud service vendors that deal with the security and privacy control of end-users in form of a third-party provider. The challenge associated with transferring security and privacy control to the 3rd party is – the data is shared externally. It is essential for the service vendor to learn how important it is to protect the customer’s data. Therefore, the major point for CSPs is to realize data security along with its privacy of end-users.
  • Data Governance – It is essential to have a proper IT governance standard to assure that the assets are utilized in accordance with procedures and policies. Ensure that the respective assets are maintained and controlled, compatible with your industrial plans and goals. The cloud-based machine does not permit complete control over the infrastructure provision and operations. It has grown up the issues for IT when it comes to compliance, data governance, and risk management. In order to overcome this cloud challenge, IT should opt for traditional governance as well as control procedures.

Suggestions to Overcome Cloud Computing Challenges

Depending upon the type and size of organizations, the cloud strategies and challenges might vary. Companies have to go through these challenges and give them serious consideration to stay ahead of the competition and adopt the best possible technology. One of the most suitable and appropriate technology to overcome top cloud challenges 2021 is to adopt a cloud access security broker vendor. It is true that this solution makes a 3rd party responsible for online data protection but, the features that an automated CASB solution can provide can never be given even by an in-house security team. CloudCodes team is also there to help out its clients in achieving the latest security technologies and apps without diverting the client’s concentration from their business growth.