Myriad Benefits of Shared Drive In Cloud Computing

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 21st, 2018

Shared Drive In Cloud Computing

Piles of documents, multiple copies of the same content, and limited storage space – all these issues can be solved and document sharing can be simplified considerably through our Shared Drive solution. Using this, enterprises can simplify document sharing within teams. Deploy the solution and get rid of duplicate content, which is the need of the hour. Also, save user drive space as the ownership of the documents gets transferred to a singular person, as defined by policy, at the end of the day. Thus, this designated authority of documents propels better cloud security as the ownership of documents rests with a single person, which is usually the department head. Now, with this, only one person is the actual owner of data and he can easily authorize or deauthorize permissions for all the users working under his nose on the same set of data elements. This protocol ensures eliminating both data redundancy and data duplicacy issues, and at the same time, ensures that only admin-authorized users have been granted with partial access to selective documents and other data elements as defined by the admin or the department head. It is like assigning accountability in descending order based on organizational hierarchy, and transferring of only partial ownership. Cloud security is an issue that crops in every time whenever any cloud based service is used owing to comprehensive data exposure, so it is an earnest need of corporate houses that they take care of cloud data security along with enjoying the myriad benefits of cloud. Users get extensive storage with the help of Shared Drive offered by CloudCodes, created inside Google Drive. Shared Drive files belong to the team instead of an individual user in the organization. In short, the ownership of all the documents shifted to the assigned person of the team included in the policy of Shared Drive in cloud computing.

Shared Drive In Cloud – Save Space, Avoid Content Duplicates, Simplify Storage

Shared Drive is an add-on feature that CloudCodes provides to its end user enterprises, wherein, it is deployed to save storage space, avoid duplicates of content and simplify storage. This feature saves a lot of space on the network drive by reducing the duplicity of documents and restricting users from creating multiple copies of documents. This hallmark feature of our solution allows transfer of ownership from an individual to another individual, and gives access to multiple users of any particular team working on the same document simultaneously by document sharing and simultaneous editing features. If any users makes edits to that document, this feature will capture the identity of the user as well as highlight the edits done by that user in real-time, and saves the document if that particular user or team member is authorized to do so.

Single Ownership – Multiple Access

Let us take the example where the marketing head of a company can be made the owner of all documents and files relating to the marketing of products and services, and the entire marketing team can be given shared drive access by the marketing head so that they are able to make real-time edits. This eliminates duplicate documents, saves drive space, and also makes it easy to manage data without even downloading it n-number of times on different local drives. When any folder is shared with some team-mate, he/she receives a copy and can work upon it, and same way multiple other team members can work on the same file/folder at the same time.

Shared Drive Features:

  • Save drive space
  • Manage shared folder
  • Inherit folder permission from parent
  • Helps to manage drive space properly
  • Admin has right to change ownership or move folders inside Shared Drive

Shared Drive is a value add on feature that is offered with CloudCodes for Business CASB solution and is benefitting organizations globally. Ask for a quick demo of the feature to see CloudCodes in action.