CloudCodes Value Add On Tools Help Inculcate Professional Ethos

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 2nd, 2021

CloudCodes Value Add On Features

The login dashboard is usually the first thing to view and access the most, so having a clean and professional appearance can the difference in the way your employees will perform their work when they are logged in to their system using this business dashboard. People in the organization will follow thought processes and align them with an organizational vision, long-term or short-term, easily customize your dashboards to launch yourself as a leader where your audience is becoming your employees. CloudCodes Value Add On tools allow you to move your business forward into the workforce that is ready to back down. Enterprises can customize and expand their business branding internally with the Corporate Add-On feature. In this blog, we are going to discuss multiple Value Add on tools that are provided by the CloudCodes.

Value Add On Tools

1. Landing Page

By carefully crafting and creatively designing the internal web pages, like the landing page that is accessed regularly by the employees, enterprise owners can smoothly drive their philosophy down to their roots. It leads to the alignment of every single employee with company policies and objectives. The employees also take pride in being a part of this vast network. 

They always feel connected and are never left alone. It magnifies the perception of oneness among the employees. It also helps in restricting their activities within limits defined and governed by organizational policies. It also guards them against trying to play adventurous or cause any mischief.

2. Shared Drive Feature

Shared Drive not only increases the storage capacity of the data over cloud network to infinite limits but also safeguards data duplication and replication, which are amongst the top two evil menaces defining the true data management capabilities of enterprises. Confidential data need to be shared among departments, organization units, and user groups internally and is not eligible for data duplication or unauthorized access. An admin has total control on Drive permissions that govern the sharing of data elements; read agreements, write grants, and edit permissions; and downloading and uploading sanctions over the cloud network. 

Admin can easily set policies to transfer the ownership of data to the concerned manager, department head, or the likes to effectively manage cloud space allocated without letting it duplicated. Also, for leading groups and subgroups, the folder containing everyday data items for a particular group can easily be assigned to read, write, and edit permissions, thus making the entire internal structuring of data management more cost-effective and secure.

3. Email Signature – The Stamp of Authority and Oneness

Email communication is the best way to communicate and to plan strategically, schedule, and implement company policies. Email signature ensures that all the users of the enterprise have the same values and the same vision, are in sync with their thought process, and are well-aligned with company protocols, compliances, and regulations. Thus, the email signature exactly defines “who-tells-what,” under what “circumstances,” and concerning “what.” Thus, an email signature acts as a stamp of authority, and at the same time, forces all units of the enterprise together to follow one common channel of communication, inculcating a sense of oneness among the employees.

Thus, conventional design for corporate email signature is of utmost importance for any enterprise. This feature is a unique add-on feature of the CloudCodes Cloud Access Security Broker solution. It is an attempt to bring all users under one umbrella to showcase cohesiveness and unity in diversity between the organizational units. Admin can set one standard Email Signature for all users of the enterprise by implementing a standard template, though other integrated apps are excluded from this Email Signature implementation.

CloudCodes CASB Solution For Value Add On Tools

CloudCodes CASB solution hosts many features helpful within the enterprise network. At the same time, these small branding tools like Value add-on help imbibe the professional ethos of the organization in a well-directed, professional display, showcasing unity and strength of the organization that echoes and aligns all users of the enterprise with its core objectives.