Top Salesforce Data Security Threats Addressed by CASBs

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  • April 18th, 2018

Salesforce Data Security Threats Addressed by CASB

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Cloud Access Security Brokers or CASBs are really gaining much traction in the domain of Salesforce security as they are having access to their cloud access as well as Salesforce usage data, using which, they can analyze that data for detecting any data security anomalies existing henceforth. The log information that includes Salesforce detailed logs over the activities of admins, users, as well as 3rd party apps used within Salesforce, along with other activities thus covered like creating/deleting sales leads, contacts collected, and sales opportunities, downloaded documents/reports, and created/updated sharing rules etc; which are all ingested by these CASB vendors. They leverage this huge data analytics and thus enable IT admins to monitor Salesforce data usage, and also detect any Salesforce data security threats for them to respond to those in a timely way, much before any calamity strikes the system.

Salesforce Data Security Threats Addressed by CASBs

  • Threats from Employees Leaving the Organization: As per a research, around 50% of the employees leaving any firm or losing their jobs kept company’s data confidential, yet others planned to use it for their newly joined jobs. Departing sales employees sometimes take along company’s sales contacts and other sales information about opportunities, making insider threats common for companies to face. CASBs can really help in detecting and remediating these threats. CASB solutions impose some policies and restrictions any violations on data upload, access of data etc., are reported to the IT to identify abnormal/unexpected user behavior in a timely manner. So, when an employee tries to download any piece of info, which is not the part of the authorized or standard predefined workflow, then CASB would help report that anomaly quickly to the admin.
  • Security Threats from Unsanctioned 3rd Party Apps: There are many Salesforce apps, which users add to their deployment of Salesforce. Most sales professionals today use these apps. Once they are installed, these apps get the access to all information from corresponding Salesforce accounts, adding the vulnerability factor because of 3rd party apps. The security capability of these 3rd-party apps has not been properly validated or even verified, and they are now accessing all this customer data and information. Using CASB solutions help to report any anomalies to the admin for remediating them.
  • Salesforce Data Security Threats from Admins and Privileged Users: Though admins or other privileged users are any firm’s strongest defense line, but they can also cause devastating data thefts and data breaches if they start abusing these privileges that have been given by the organization. So, it is mandatory that companies step up to monitor their ‘gatekeepers’ as well. Salesforce event monitoring API gives details of such admin activities like creating/deleting new user (s). So, a CASB solution can add another security layer to it by using this information to report any such anomaly of any unusual activities. Like when any user or account is deleted by the admin, then that gets alerted or reported for further checking and investigation.
  • Salesforce Data Security Threats from Compromised User Accounts: Recent researches indicate that the market of compromised user credentials has been booming, which implies that hackers always look for ways to capture these login credentials of ignorant users. Carelessness on the part of the users is a way by which these login credentials are compromised. However, all user accounts are totally vulnerable to any of the brute-force cyber attacks. With advances in computer technologies, hackers are now becoming capable of cracking passwords within minutes. So, if admins get alerts for any such compromised accounts as early as possible, then remedial actions can be taken immediately to minimize the impact of the potential harm. Salesforce event monitoring API gives information about any login attempts as well as login locations and also the access, which can really help in the detection of any compromised account. CASBs can thus enable the admins further with automatic remediation to block access to any of the suspicious accounts or to force2-factor or multi-factor authentication, thus reducing the risks and the impacts of any data breaches.

Thus, CASB solutions work as added layer of cloud security to Salesforce data.