CloudCodes Recognized As Top CASB Vendor in Frost & Sullivan Analysis Report

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 17th, 2021

Top CASB Vendor

The global market for Cloud Access Security Brokers is gradually seeing a steeping growth rate in the past few years as enterprises are rapidly addressing their requirements driven by organizational users turning to various cloud apps at an alarming rate. Professionals working in most of these firms are trying to get their work done as speedily as possible and with much more ease, convenience, and flexibility than conventional computing methods used to allow. However, there are indeed some constraints with cloud security as it is not foolproof until you put your focus on this aspect of migration to the cloud, after this short read, you will know why CloudCodes is named as one of the Top CASB vendor in Frost & Sullivan reports.

Enterprise workforce is turning to various cloud apps in services including SaaS, IaaS & PaaS. Along with the various well-known, IT-sanctioned apps (including Office 365G SuiteDropbox, and Azure, etc.), there are also a large number of unauthorized/unsanctioned apps that are also continuously being used in firms by users posing a threat to cloud security.

The critical data and sensitive information that is being moved to the cloud are putting it at serious risk. Increased user mobility, as well as BYOD, is resulting in data being taken outside of organizations’ security perimeters, thus exposing businesses to several leakage risks and thus posing a threat to enterprise security. Cloud services are posing such cloud security challenges thus putting grave pressure on the IT and security teams of the firms, which are in turn, fueling CASB vendors’ growth considerably, cloud security is the prime need of the hour.

The central pillars of CASB are Threat Protection, Visibility, Data Security, Access Control, and Compliance. 2 camps are slowly emerging: one is the pure-play CASBs and the second is those prominent security vendors, who add CASB to a wider cloud-security solution.

Many startups are gradually coming up in the market and there is seen intense M&A activity in the current times. Cloud-based applications are now seen as new opportunities for hackers to gain easy access to any organization’s information and network, which they intend to loot. CASB is now quite developed more than just being useful for shadow IT. CASB is now an important tool for monitoring cloud usage as well as for implementing security protocols. CASB is surely small but is growing very fast in the market in this current state of flux.

Key Questions That Frost & Sullivan Report Answers

  • What would be the market’s dominant trends?
  • What would be the market prospects for EMEA, CALA, North America, and APAC?
  • What’s the revenue?
  • What’s the geographic distribution of this revenue?
  • What’s the percentage of this revenue from various business segments for different market participants?
  • Which are the top CASB vendors?
  • Which of the vendors is having a somewhat dominant position in market share?
  • Which are the major drivers and restraints faced by the CASB vendors?

How to Compare Top CASB Vendors?

The growing need for CASB solutions is fostering the growth of more and more CASB vendors to complement this demand. Now, the question remains with the organizations as to which CASB vendor would best suit their purpose well and how to compare Top CASB vendors. As a suggestion, while attempting to associate with a CASB vendor for your firm, you must look for certain features, which make this service useful enough as per enterprise security requirements. Some very useful features include Single Sign-On, Access Control, DLP, Identity Management, Shadow IT, etc. So, while making an attempt to compare CASB vendors, checking the availability of most of these features helps in making a smart selection for a top CASB vendor. While there are several CASB vendors out there including CloudCodes CASB, you can Compare Top CASB vendors here.

For finding a good comparison of such features that are available in different CASB vendor solutions.

CloudCodes is recognized as one of the top CASB vendors in the Frost & Sullivan Analysis Report for Global Cloud Access Security Broker Market (CASB), Forecast 2021.