Mobile Device Security Solutions – Need of the Hour!

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • May 19th, 2021

With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming the norm, enterprises need to up the ante and adopt efficient security solutions so that data on-premise or cloud stays safe and secure. Mobile Device Security solutions are most comprehensive security solution which provides security to mobile apps, network, and the data managed by the IT departments.

What is Mobile Device Security & Why It Is Important?

It is not possible to have a complete ban on employees carrying their mobile devices or tablets inside the company premises. Hence, what is needed is effective security software that can monitor and manage mobile data so that there is no data breach in the organization. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is that security software that monitors, manages, and secures mobile devices across varied mobile service providers and operating systems in organizations. Enterprises can even add an extra layer to the mobile device security with tools like Mobile Application Management software or Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

Different Types Of Mobile Device Security Solutions

The MDM software is the most sought after security solution as it provides end-to-end security. The mobile apps, network, and the data can be managed by the IT department with the MDM software. Advanced MDM solution also provides mobile security and expense management combined into a single product. Typical Mobile Device Security consist of the following solutions :

  • Management and support of mobile apps
  • Mobile policy management
  • Security management
  • Telecom service management
  • Inventory management

Solutions can be added as per the requirement of the vendor.


With the proliferation of the internet, connectivity, and advanced mobile devices, employees prefer to bring their personal mobiles, tablets, and laptops inside their work premises. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) jargon has been widely adopted by organizations to increase the productivity of their employees. Hence, it becomes imperative that enterprises monitor the data transfer that takes place across personal and office devices, servers, and the cloud. Mobile Device Security solutions help enterprises to deliver secure mobile solutions to their BYOD workforce.

Working of Mobile Device Management

The MDM agent and an MDM server that resides in the data center (in the cloud or on-premise) are the main endpoint software crucial for the working of Mobile Device Management software. Policies are configured on the MDM server management console. It is then relayed to the MDM agent on the device. The agent communicates with the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of the mobile devices. The IT admin can use the MDM server to deploy the apps.

MDM Key Features

Some of the important features in the Mobile Device Management solutions are-

These features help in stringent security measures of mobile devices


CloudCodes provides Mobile Device Management solutions that are effective and can be customized to integrate rich additional features to make it a comprehensive security solution for enterprises seeking mobile security.