Why gControl for G Suite Customers is Must?

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 17th, 2016

Why gControl for G Suite Customers is Must? The popularity of G Suite is not hidden from anyone. Thanks to its flexible and affordable subscription plan, unmatched service, and powerful collaboration tools that give the much-needed functionality to your organization.

Basically, G Suite contains:

  • Google Slides
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Forms
  • Google Site
  • Google Apps Vault Google+
  • Hangouts

With all these powerful platforms in a single suite effectively supports your business. Another distinctive feature of G-suite is that, unlike other tools, you do not need to store any application on your system. This frees you from licensing and resource engagement/management of any kind. Everything is stored in the cloud. That makes it truly a wonderful platform for collaborative working from a different location. Yes! While working on Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Forms, and Google Doc, you can easily share them with your team members; no matter where they are located. And all team members can work together simultaneously without any barrier as it saves everything automatically.

This is a great tool no doubt; but sometimes, such flexibility and openness on a cloud platform many times proves to be catastrophic in the absence of any security protection. If your cloud infrastructure gets into the trap of hackers and their shrewd attacks, things can turn disastrous. So, how are you going to chalk out a future plan to be extra sure of protection from any such attacks or security breach into your cloud world? The answer lies in this innovative product from CloudCodes i.e. gControl for G Suite. More than 300 global customers are using gControl to secure their G Suite. Let’s check out gControl.

gControl brings to you various features like Browser Restriction, IP restriction, Geo-Fencing, Device Restriction, AD integration, Self Password, Password Policy and Multifactor Authentication.

Each of these powerful security features works well to add protection shield to cloud-based G-suite.

Let’s see what each of them can do for you.

  1. A browser restriction makes it mandatory to access your site only through authentic web browsers like Chrome etc. This finds helpful to counter-attack the ‘SQL injection method,’ where hackers user tailor-made web browser to steal login credentials as you sign into your account.
  2. IP restriction feature that let you block any access from unsafe IP addresses like the free public Wi-Fi connections. The admin can put all such IP addresses (or range of IP addresses) in Blacklisted IPs.
  3. Geo Fencing also works similarly; it blocks access to your site from various geographical locations. You can either enter countries’ names or feed latitude and longitude ranges.
  4. Password Policy is another intelligent feature. In most of the cases, it’s the weak password set by the employees that often leads to soft and easily penetrable target by the hackers. No matter how much you direct, the employees set some weak passwords as this helps them in remembering them better. But, from the point of security, the price that the organization can pay for such ease can be unimaginable. gControl let the admin have control over it. They can implement various restrictions in order to make your password strength better. The admin can make it mandatory to include special characters, numeric characters, capital and small cases. Use of username, particular keywords, and repeated passwords can also be restricted by them. And the admin can also fix the expiry limit; so that, users change their passwords periodically.

Apart from that, you can fix the number of wrong attempts, after which, the account gets locked automatically. gControl also sends out automatic emails for any suspicious login attempts. When you implement such a strong password policy, chances are high that some users will forget to recall their passwords. And the IT team would be busy in resetting their passwords. That’s not a good idea at all! To cover the same, gControl for G Suite features a kind of self-servicing through its Self Password feature. Using this feature, users can reset their passwords on their own. For that, it uses OTP and questionnaire method. The admin can select his questions or select from the standard questions available.

Well, many of you have used this OTP based method; this is also known as two-factor authentication. Here, apart from the normal username and password entry, you have to feed the OTP (which is a one-time password). gControl goes a step forward with its Multi Factor Authentication feature. It adds another security barrier that employs biometric input. For that, you need to feed your fingerprints through your Smartphones. Nowadays, all the latest Smartphones are coming with fingerprint sensors. This is going to make your system hack-proof.

Yes! Even if the hackers have your password and username, they can’t do anything as none can steal your biometric. That’s why gControl for G Suite customers is the must!