Advance Password Policy For Cloud Security

Enforce Users To Setup Strong Passwords Through Our Advance Password Policy For

A tiny loophole, as small as a simple password of one user in the entire organization, could lead to data breach or data theft of your business data.

How CloudCodes Password Policy Can Help

CloudCodes understands that Cloud Security is in the hands of every user of the organization to some extent; this is where Password Policy comes into play. CloudCodes for Business offers Advance Password Policy setup–

  • Password Complexity – Enforce users to set a password that has a combination of special symbols, capital letter, small letters, numbers, etc
  • Password Expiry – Setup a password change cycle for your users – 1 week, 15 days, one month, or so. Ensure your users change their password after every period by sending them email reminders, notifications or at the end, not letting them pass through login attempt unless the password has been changes.
  • Historic Password – Ensure your users do not set up a password they had once used in the past. This elevates the organization’s security in more ways than one.
  • Keyword Restriction – Ensure your users do not use apparent keywords like their First name, last name, company name, etc. in their passwords – making it a tough guess for unauthorized users
  • Account Lock – Lock user account after multiple wrong attempts of password entry. You can choose to set up the number of attempts, the minimum being 3. Automatic account unlocks can be set up by the admin through the policy, based on preference.

How Can CloudCodes Password Policy Be Enabled?

With multiple options to choose from, an IT admin can easily set up and implement a password policy of their liking for the entire organization, specific departments, or a particular user in just a few minutes.

But Why Do We Need Password For Cloud Security?

Passwords are gateways to our accounts and have become a part of our internet lives, due to which many users seem to take passwords lightly and want to breeze through its setup – after all, who likes setting up passwords now and then? However, as an organization, we need to understand the vital role each user’s password plays in securing business data and to push our users to set up complicated passwords.

Hackers or people with malicious intent are always on the lookout for ways to break into enterprise data, which comprises sensitive information like Intellectual property information, copyright software, confidential financial numbers, and other valuable information leading to a company’s existence and growth. – All at the hands of the organization’s users and Password Protected.

Thus, setting up a complex password, changing it from time to time, becomes essential for a company’s cloud security and is indeed a responsibility carried by every user working in the organization.

See how CloudCodes can secure your enterprise systems and data today.

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