ECommerce Company Secures Its Cloud Using Personal Gmail Block – Cloud Security

admin | December 19th, 2017 | Cloud Security


eCommerce is huge, really huge! The 2 massive industries globally are now intersecting: i.e. e-commerce and cloud computing! Both of these together, i.e. cloud computing and eCommerce formulate the “eCommerce cloud,” which is a concept that is baffling to many industry giants in terms of data security.

Benefits of Cloud Adoption and Its Repercussions

A popular ecommerce company headquartered in Asia has an impressive product catalogue ranging from electronic goods, home appliances, lifestyle products, fashion clothing and much more. This leading name among the scores of eCommerce firms stands out for its work in the direction to improve the quality of people’s lives. It impressively manages to cater to the people’s choices of e-shopping needs through a host of customer satisfaction measures like robust teleshopping and online shopping platforms. With the advancements in technology and the introduction of cloud service work environment, the management rightly realized the importance of cloud-introduction into their offices and services. Since then, the company has been using Google Apps/G Suite on cloud, which helped them in many aspects like work efficiency, transparency and amplified turnaround time. The company staff started accessing their data from anywhere, anytime – thanks to the deployment of G Suite. The result was that their delivery time increased manifolds and fetched them more business, which also enabled the work processes to get more streamlined than before. But with advancements come the perils, and moving to cloud generated some unseen data governance concerns.

Challenges Faced When Using G Suite

After cloud adoption, access to organizational data by its employees could now happen at any time and from anywhere. The robust platform of Google Apps/G Suite no doubt brought in the much-needed enhancements in inter-communication and intra-communication networks of the organization and vastly improved the work flexibility increasing real-time collaborations; but with it came the unkempt data access, which threatened cloud security for the organization. Even though the work culture became flexible, it threatened data leaks and enterprise security was at risk as everyone could not be trusted with such flexible access to data.

Access of Personal Gmail Accounts by Employees within the Office Network

The next major setback the company faced was the access of both the business Gmail and personal Gmail accounts by its employees using the office network. Restricting personal Gmail accounts necessarily would not be feasible since it could hamper the work flexibility. Thus data safety became a gross concern for the management and they wanted to find solutions to resolve these issues. The first thing that came to their minds was CASB.

An Effective Solution in the Form of CloudCodes for G Suite

CloudCodes for G Suite was introduced and trials were conducted for cloud security solutions. In the trials, the CASB solutions were used for a range of cases. The solution was deployed with Personal Gmail Block, Password Reset and IP Restriction features. Implementation of certain security measures like Identity Management feature of G Suite and enforcement of strong password policies for all the users of the organization like the password expiry after 30 days and self-password reset feature helped the company to reduce their IT help desk tickets by around 20-30%. Thus, the organization was able to add in the extra layer of cloud security with CloudCodes for G Suite with only some minimal changes, to let the users keep availing the benefits of cloud work system. Unauthorized access of the organization data by employees or any other outside person was restricted by the implementation of the IP Restriction feature provided by CloudCodes for G Suite. The Consumer Gmail Block feature helped the organization to block personal Gmail ID in the office network, thus ensuring no data risks. The rights solely rested on the Admin to apply this extension based policy to users as well as organization units.

CloudCodes CASB Solution For Personal Gmail Block


The organization, which faced cloud security risks for its important data, was thus, finally able to minimize the issues with the implementation of CloudCodes CASB solution. With CloudCodes CASB solution along with G Suite, the ecommerce company was thus able to use cloud services more securely and finally put data security in place.