DLP Regulatory Compliance

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • July 7th, 2021

In general, Data Loss Prevention helps in ensuring the fact that sensitive data does not get sent to the wrong person, either intentionally or unintentionally. It is also used as the means to control data transfer. Now, this usual data loss prevention technique can be of greater use for a person, if he/she agrees to apply DLP regulatory compliance.

Overview of DLP Regulatory Compliance

The technology not only creates and classifies the confidential information but also helps users in learning the way to manage data securely. It also helps in the identification of potential theft and data misuse. The majority of organizations think that applying DLP in the account is enough, but they do not that risk is still present. Hackers are smarter with a mind of remembering the things that we can never imagine. There are several internal as well as external intruders available on the internet who wants to degrade the growing business.

Well, now what? Well, the compliance exists in DLP, which is more than anything else. This blog will help users in learning all the DLP regulatory compliance available till today’s date.

DLP Regulatory Compliance


DLP Regulatory Compliance Available Till today’s Date:

General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR (or General data protection regulation) is a regulation for strengthening and unifying the data protection for users in the European Union. This DLP regulatory compliance was made by European Parliament, the European Union Council and the European Commission. The main aim of giving rise to this rule is to provide control to the authorized users right to work with their personal data and means to simplify the regulatory platform for the IT business users in EU. Nowadays, it is mandatory to apply EU General data protection regulation in the organization, which saves the personal information of European citizens. Until the end of month May 2018, GDPR is going to come into the existence, illustrating that the firms are currently preparing for the DLP compliance.

CloudCodes offers a networking appliance to combine data discovery, classification, and DLP in an easy-to-manage solution. We offer automatic identification of the data related to GDPR and protect it when it is in use, in transit, or at rest. Even if an organization does not have any existence in EU then also they have to comply GDPR to store personal information about the European citizens.

International Traffic in Arms Regulation

The ITAR is a US DLP regulatory compliance, which restricts and controls the exporting of technologies associated with defense and military. The main objective of this compliance is to provide security to US and then, to the policy objectives. It is mandatory to learn for companies that registering with DDTC for product selling in an ITAR industry is not enough. One needs to be ensured that they do not violate the ITAR compliance regulation too. Always remember one thing that violation of ITAR results in civil or criminal penalty. Well, ITAR is unlike the other regulated data like PII and PCI. Its information is considered under broader category where the predictability factor is less.

The cloud-based agencies offer data visibility with understanding of need to identify, classify, and protect the ITAR data. This can involve the eliminating of struggle for unstructured data companies. There focus is always on the data, which a user locates and understands in the broad data variety to the ITAR regulations. All these ideas are going to increase the overall accuracy of ITAR DLP regulatory compliance program and hence, the data loss prevention.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The PCI DSS is a security standard set of rules, which assures companies that their credit card information is maintained in a safe and secure environment. It is the security standard, which was launched on September 7, 2006, for managing the credit card data in a secured manner, even at the time of transaction procedure. Keep one thing in mind that payment acquires and brands are responsible for enforcing this DLP regulatory compliance, not the PCI council. The current trend is of online digital marketing where all the products are sold on Internet. Therefore, it should be a duty of the firm that they apply this standard in order to avoid secured data leakage.

The cloud-based protection agencies protect the data cardholder by encrypting it, implementing access control upon it, and then, monitoring & examining the environment. They deliver solutions through which sensitive data is kept under a constant vision throughout the process on cloud. This helps in speeding up the time of DLP regulatory compliance by increasing the accuracy. It also reduces the overall support costing to experience a safe online transaction through credit cards.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The HIPAA is a set of standard rules to protect the confidential data of end users. Any of the enterprise, which deals with the protected health information should ensure that all the needed network, physical, and procedural security measures are on the place. This type of mandatory in the scenario where Ransomware attackers are having more targets towards hospital.

Final Thought

DLP regulatory compliances are essential to protect the cloud storage service with legal standard and rules. This will protect regulated items wherever they live. It delivers security alarms with lowest false rate and simplifies the data management working on cloud.