CASB Services- A Boon For Business Challenges

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • May 20th, 2021

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a software technology that secures the data stored in various cloud applications like Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and many more. The term was first coined by Gartner to address the security issues that organizations and businesses are facing on cloud computing. According to leading analysts, by 2022, 75% of the organization will be using one of the CASB services to protect their data on the cloud.

Why do we opt for CASB services? 

CASB is currently a necessary bit of any organization’s cybersecurity framework. Organizations utilizing cloud applications for efficiency, coordinated effort, and capacity inevitably undergo a certain set of challenges for working in the cloud.

Using CASB resolves vast numbers of these difficulties by giving unequaled security, visibility, and command over access to conduct cloud applications.

Over a while, CASB has been able to successfully resolve security issues that enterprises are encountering while storing their data on cloud computing. This article will discuss in detail the significant challenges which CASB has addressed.

How can CASB services help overcome challenges?

  • Scrutinizing unauthorized access: Security is a primary requirement for any organization. As most of the employees in a company prefer using their devices from different locations, then there is a high rate of security risk involved. The biggest problem that organizations were facing was to allow free access to their employees as a firewall alone was not enough to protect the data from threats. A CASB solution can resolve this issue by scrutinizing and securing the data from unauthorized access and data threats. 
  • Account hackers: There can be a situation when an unauthorized user can access your account and view your data due to weak password and authentication issues. This generally happens when there are no right security measures installed to keep a check on each application of the cloud. A detailed CASB architecture will help in identifying threats and monitoring their login activity. In the case of threats, CASB takes necessary measures against suspicious accounts and users. 
  • Access controls: Trust is the most significant factor for cloud computing, and in the business of cloud security, it is advisable to follow the Zero Trust approach. The term Zero Trust approach is self-explanatory- internal or external, trust no one. As the risk against threats and data violations is high, it is profoundly challenging to monitor cloud security without the right CASB architecture. Any organization needs to know who is accessing their classified information. A CASB service resolves this issue by providing full visibility and control over every user’s behavior in real-time while taking immediate action in case of any threat.
  • Regular reporting: Apart from acting as a security gatekeeper, cloud applications provide several advantages to an organization. A CASB solution will allow organizations to monitor the cyber behavior of the user and report in case of any suspicious activity of a user. CASB services work effectively even in a smaller team where auditing and reporting generally take more. It also helps organizations to improve their security structure in place. 
  • Device monitoring: CASBs can monitor the devices which different users access using a tablet, mobile app, or desktop. It can also monitor and control the access of unauthorized users using such devices and immediately report and take actions against them. CASBs can audit and control all the cloud applications’ security in real-time and detect threats involved with data.   

Key Takeaways: 

In today’s ever-evolving cyber world, organizations are more likely prone to cyber threats and data loss. Therefore, organizations must evaluate and implement the quick CASB software solution, which will not only identify risks but can duly take actions against malicious activities of particular users.

CASB services are widely used for data protection security policies and also controls cloud applications from various external and internal attacks.