Major Business Challenges CASB Solves!

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 8th, 2021

CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) is useful in any company’s cybersecurity infrastructure as it delivers flawless security, visibility, and control over the access and availability of the data, within the cloud-based applications. It can use a proxy, agent, extension, or it can make use of APIs. business challenges CASB solves, and in this article, we are going to mention the major ones.

Governing Access

A wide range of governing controls is possible with the API-based CASB technology. It allows finding of account takeovers, data monitoring (its usage and sharing), and management features provided to the IT teams. The main points present under this category are:

  • Restrict Unauthorized Access: CASB secures and monitors access to the information within the perimeter as well as the cloud.
  • Identify Account Takeovers: On detection of a potential threat, CASB takes automatic action viz revoking access from the doubtful account.
  • Uncover Shadow Cloud IT:  Administrators can view and manage the shadow cloud IT which is linked to their company’s environment.

Securing Data by Business challenges CASB solves

Safeguarding of data present in Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and other cloud applications is possible only with the CASB security.

  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention: CASB provides an additional, repetitious security layer along with a central command center for finding risks often ignored by the local application.
  • Internal & External Data Access Controls: CASB provides complete visibility and control over suspicious behaviors, along with taking automatic remediation actions.
  • Record an Audit Trail of Risky Behavior: This type of report is created with CASB. It can also line-up common audits and reports, which means that the data collection, formatting, as well as distribution; all are done automatically.

Protection against Cloud Threats

Cloud-specific phishing and malware protection are very important for finding the new threat vectors. This is a 24/7 process, which monitors and takes remedial actions, even when the IT team is asleep. This takes off a lot of pressure from the IT team.

  • Cloud Phishing & Malware Threats: CASB monitors 24×7 for these threats with the perimeter and cloud. Hence, it detects suspicious links in emails and shared documents. It trusts no one!
  • Continuously Monitor for New Cloud Risks: An API-based CASB is cost-effective and can be deployed in a few minutes or hours. It is also more effective and economical in comparison to the next-gen firewalls which are known for their ineffectiveness in terms of visibility and control which are provided by the CASB technology.

Conclusion of Business challenges CASB solves

Business challenges CASB solves that are related to the security in data storage, access, and sharing among the assorted cloud-based applications. It safeguards all businesses against account takeovers and data breaches via correctly configuring the security settings of your organization’s cloud applications. This will protect your company, employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Thereafter, you can use CASB for monitoring and controlling your cloud applications, 24×7. Feel free to contact CloudCodes for the top cloud security solutions.