How helpful CASB for Managed Apps is for Organization?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • February 8th, 2021

What Is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

Remote work is on the rise as more organizations are shifting to the cloud. Also, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is increasing among the companies. During this time, it becomes essential to safeguard sensitive data as failing to do so will result in being prone to data breaches among other issues. For this, the organizations need a wholesome threat protection suite that can be supersized by the IT team. Here comes the need for Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology. CASB for Managed Apps allows the IT team(s) to secure access to a specific user(s) for could resource(s) that may be on a managed or ungoverned endpoints.

Understanding the Endpoints in CASB

Let us consider an example of a marketer, who is using his personal phone/computer for accessing a very sensitive file that has been sent by HR. If the marketer does not have any tool for data loss prevention, then as soon as he will access the file, it may lead to a security breach. Here, his personal phone/computer is the endpoint. Now suppose that the concerned HR uploads a new file that he does not know contains malware. Then this is also an endpoint.

Working and Benefits of CASB for Managed Apps

CASB for Managed Apps is very beneficial as it provides security at all the endpoints, whether they are managed or ungoverned. This technology is integrated with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which allows the organizations to identify as well as repair the malware in real-time. CASB technology provides complete threat protection and governance of the cloud data of the organizations, even as its employees access it via remote location using their own devices. Through CASB, enterprises can securely the managed applications, resources, and web traffic.

Is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) a Good Security Solution?

Yes, there is no doubt that CASB is a good security solution that allows single sign-on (SSO) natively. Additionally, it is easily integrated with assorted identity providers. It also features multi-factor authentication (MFA), through which, one can confirm the identity of every user, who shows signs of unusual behavior or tries to access sensitive data present in the cloud. Through CASB technology, higher emphasis is given on correct authentication and identity management, which are considered as the cornerstones of security. These are also necessary for creating the policies for granular and contextual data protection.

Enable Detailed Logs with CASB

CASB is an integral part of the secure SASE platform as it ensures cross-app visibility via detailed logs of every cloud transaction, especially logins, downloads, and uploads. It also provides administrators activity logs, which helps know when the event of triggering of DLP policies.

Get Assistance with CASB for Managed Apps

For consistent and all-inclusive protection over the SaaS and IaaS instances, CASB is the only solution. You need a comprehensive SASE platform, through which, organizations can stay in tune with BYOD, remote work, and cloud adoption. Without thinking twice, you can turn to CloudCodes for their efficient security solutions.