What Is Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Its Features?

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 9th, 2020

What Is O365 Advanced Threat Protection?

Microsoft offers Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which safeguards your organization from advanced cybersecurity threats. ATP provides advanced security features that provide real-time protection from malicious links and insecure attachments. It ensures that your organization does not fall victim to viruses, spoofing, or malware, sent to end-users. O365 Advanced Threat Protection comes with various plans and is an excellent investment as it protects thousands of dollars of your organization by forbidding a potential breach. 

Top Five Features of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection 

Apart from the low cost of Office 365 ATP, 5 top features make it an ideal option to consider for your security infrastructure. 

1. Safe Attachments 

This feature of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection ensures that incoming email attachments are not malicious. With this feature activation, it will automatically open the attachments in a virtual environment and test it. Hence, it doesn’t disturb the real-time environment. If it finds any malicious indications, then the attachment will be removed automatically. 

2. Safe Links 

It automatically checks the URLs (website addresses) present in the incoming emails and Office documents. This checking is called time-of-click verification. ATP Safe Links identifies the URLs as either safe or malicious. If safe, then the link will open as usual. If evil, a warning page will be shown to the user. The criteria are the same for Office documents. 

3. Spoof Intelligence 

It is a built-in feature of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. It ensures that only legitimate emails are assigned. Spoof filters can be set in the Security & Compliance Centre to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activity. It also allows reviewing of those senders who are spoofing your domain. You have the option of either allowing them or blocking them. 

4. Anti-Phishing Policies 

This feature is based on impersonation detection algorithms and machine learning models. These policies can be set on a single domain, all domains, or specific people. Once the Office 365 anti-phishing policies are activated, machine learning models appraise the incoming email to decide whether it is malicious. If so, then suitable action will be taken based on the configuration of your ATP policy. 

5. Office 365 ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams 

Collaboration is a critical requirement in organizations. There is an increase in the sharing of ideas using SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. The security of the data is vital. It helps find & block potentially malicious files. It prevents the entrance of such files in your document libraries or team sites. 

Get Started with the O365 Advanced Threat Protection

If you need real-time protection from new-age email attacks in your organization, O365 Advanced Threat Protection is compulsory. Using these security features, you will stop the phishing or malicious email attachments from entering your system. You can block the spoofing attacks by distinguishing between legitimate and malicious activities. With so many security features, you need to get it for your organization. With a third-party cloud security provider like CloudCodes, you can rest assured that your organizational cloud data will have an additional security layer that is unpierced and robust.