Discovering Ways to Achieve OneDrive for Business Security

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 25th, 2020

Securing OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is Microsoft’s online cloud data storage product. It is basically a file-hosting service that is operated by the Microsoft company as a part of their suite of various online services. OneDrive helps in allowing users to store their files along with their other personal information and data including Windows settings and/or recovery keys for BitLocker etc., over the cloud. Files could possibly be synced to the system and then they can be accessed from web browsers or mobile devices, and also can be shared publicly or shared with any specific persons. OneDrive provides around 5 GB storage space free; and additional storage space can also be added by the users either separately or they can add it through various subscriptions to other services provided by Microsoft including O365 etc. OneDrive was previously known as SkyDrive but got rebranded in the year 2014. Using OneDrive, it is possible for the users to store documents, videos, photos, and all other types of files to this service. Files up to the size of 2 GB could be easily uploaded to it, but it is possible for the users to gain additional 3 GB of extra space while using their platforms specifically, OneDrive mobile apps and then further enabling photo sync. Most enterprises do not want to give away the advantages availed from the numerous benefits offered by OneDrive service, along with other benefits like considerably low costs and unlimited data storage capabilities that OneDrive gives. But evidently, most such enterprises are raising questions pertaining to OneDrive for business security that help them to manage better the security of their critical data that is being stored there. Enterprise users wish to ensure that their service provides apt protections, which help them in managing the OneDrive security risks associated with unauthorized data access and accidental data leakages.

Ways to Achieve OneDrive for Business Security

Securing OneDrive is something that is much-needed by most enterprises using this service. There are multiple ways by which it is possible to keep the files safe in OneDrive. Mostly, the files are not with other persons unless they are saved in a Public folder or unless they are being chosen to share those files. To protect OneDrive files from any hardware failures, multiple copies are saved of each and every file on multiple drives as well as servers. Below are some of the other things that can be done to ensure OneDrive security by protecting OneDrive files:

  • Creation of Strong Passwords. It is imperative for users to check the strengths of their passwords.
  • Adding Security Information to Microsoft Accounts. One can add information to Microsoft accounts like phone numbers, alternate email addresses, and security questions and answers, etc. This way, if the user ever forgets his/her password or the account is hacked, then this security information can be used for verifying user identity and this can help in getting back into the accounts.
  • Using 2-Step Verification. Using 2-step verification helps in protecting the accounts by needing the user to enter some additional security code whenever he signs in on some device, which is not trusted.
  • Back-Up OneDrive Files. This is a very obvious approach to safeguard data, which is to keep the backup of data for adverse times.

How CloudCodes DLP Features Secure OneDrive?

Phone-Store. This particular app is not bundled with operating systems like MS Windows 8.1 and has to be downloaded separately. But still, users can possibly have their videos, photos, as well as settings, etc., synced with their OneDrive accounts. So, all this free access to OneDrive data leads to data threats, making OneDrive for business security mandatory for enterprises using it. Our CASB solutions help considerably in meeting any cloud security needs of enterprises, and they even help in addressing this growing need for OneDrive security best practices. CloudCodes Office 365 One Drive DLP provides an easy and effective solution, configured within hours on Office 365. All the Data Loss Prevention features that are offered by our CloudCodes CASB solutions including scanning of documents, compliance checks, tracks, and block upload and download of documents, etc., help in securing OneDrive data.