An Automobile Giant Secures Its Cloud Data With IAM Solution by CloudCodes CASB

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 7th, 2017

Automobile Industry and Its Cloud Thrust

As now the market is throwing up different sets of challenges, the automobile giant has been undergoing major changes since them. There has been a very heavy competition, and at the same time, new innovations in technology have been shaping the face of this segment. One of these revolutionary changes is in the way of holding IT assets by such companies, and they have been transforming the way data was recorded, stored, processed conventionally and the price associated thereto working in a cloud environment. Gartner findings say that the overall global market of public cloud is going to mature, and the growth rate would be around 15.2% increased in the year 2020. Cloud computing usually involves migration of existing data to the web using their remote servers. This step could be very crucial into long term strategies, which could help in far better functioning and data management. Also, it has been long since this debate is going on about the utility as well as effectiveness of cloud working models for the automotive industry.

An Automobile Giant Adopted Cloud

Like many other such companies, a leading automobile giant, motorcycles/scooters manufacturer, had moved to cloud computing by adopting G Suite. This was done after considering the aspects of increased proficiency, enhanced productivity and real-time collaboration that G suite apps provide. Like all other enterprises today, even this automotive giant benefitted after adopting cloud, as team collaborations within the company with colleagues, who were stationed at multiple locations, improved considerably, and also multiple work shifts and work hours also became a lot smoother paving way to transparent work practices in the entire working system of that company. Cloud adoption enhance their productivity levels enabling better communications, much faster turnaround times, among other improvements at work.

Challenges Did Come!

Adopting G Suite surely enabled this automobile giant to be more productive with swift & proficient work operations. This is indeed a robust cloud platform providing flexibility to users, with spanned decision-making processes, which are not confined to only office premises now. While all these advantages surely benefitted the company by helping them achieve a lot, it was soon realized by the firm that there are certain challenges they have been facing with cloud adoption. Even after recognizing and discovering enterprise security threats of this work flexibility, they were still not able to stop/restrict the access to data to their employees owing to the fact that it would again decrease that cloud-provided enhanced productivity, nor they could get thorough visibility into the system or identify which users were legit users and which were not. But, this could have possibly led to data breaches of their critical information. Another challenge being faced by the company was with the passwords, which users won’t change for numerous days, thus making data thefts easy and inevitable. Cloud Access Security Broker came as a clear choice for them.

Solution Tried Was Workable Enough

After the company tried to evaluate CASB vendors, they took CloudCodes for G Suite CASB solution for their existing cloud security requirements. CloudCodes Identity Management solution helped them a great deal. Strong password-policies were set up for the whole company, which really made them enable to impose the much desired password complexity, self-password-reset and also forgot-password policies. Such password policy added a lot to their data security efforts. CloudCodes IAM solution allowed this automobile giant to add that much needed data security layer over their cloud apps without changing data management that much, and thus, they effectively and securely leveraged cloud agility. The firm liked this CloudCodes solution a lot as they found it to be up-to-the-mark in making their data safe and keeping away any potential data breaches. This IAM solution really helped the firm in reducing their IT helpdesk tickets by around thirty percent and also led to increased efficiency in many ways