Understanding Custom Login Page – Its Features and Benefits

admin | August 27th, 2018 | Cloud Computing

understanding custom login page

Understanding Custom Login Page

Custom Login Page is a part of Value Add On offered by our CloudCodes for Business solution. Cloud apps admin doesn’t have enough control over the login page of business email. CloudCodes for Business thus provides the ability for making & understanding custom login page for organizations by inserting the HTML codes. This gives the admin complete freedom for making custom login page as per the design & style that is conducive for their organizations.

Customizing the User Login Page

This can be done in 2 ways, as follows:

  • Either, by using the default custom login page provided by CloudCodes for Business solution.
  • Or, by designing own login page customized as per the needs of specific organization by building own codes using HTML or by using any HTML designer.

A Brief about the Functioning of the Custom Login Page

  • Once CloudCodes for Business solution is installed, admin has to login in to the CloudCodes for Business single sign on dashboard.
  • Then, login feature has to be clicked on the left pane.
  • Then, move to the login page for making changes for the cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc.
  • CloudCodes for Business adds much more flair as well as color to the home pages that the users visit, which is much better than the otherwise dull default Login Page
  • CloudCodes for Business can be used for customizing cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc., login page.
  • There are some more features as well that help in providing more functionality as well as control over cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc., for organizations.

Understanding Custom Login Page Provided by CloudCodes for Business

Single Sign-On solution for enterprises to achieve complete cloud security. CloudCodes for Business helps in allowing the cloud apps admin to speedily take the complete control of cloud Apps ‘Login Page.’ This solution also provides a total control over users’ access to their cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc. The solution also provides the ability for putting customized HTML codes giving the organizations a provision for customizing as well as branding their cloud apps.

Enforcing Enterprise Security and Control for Google Apps

As a customary work routine on any normal work day at any organization, it is cliché that each and every employee would definitely log in to any of the cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc., at least one time in the whole long working day. This surely makes the entire idea all the more luring that all of the proper public messages can be presented to the employees by understanding Custom Login Page. Even the need to change the login page is catered as there are multiple options to do so. There are a number of ways by which login page can be customized.

Benefits of the Custom Login Page

  • Custom Login for cloud apps including Office 365, Dropbox etc.
  • Landing Page for redirecting a portal on cloud apps sites that can be the intranet portal.
  • Providing flexibility for doing complete branding of Login Page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Login Page for Google Apps

  • How can the Custom Login Page feature be used?
    • If creating a customized login page is needed by any organization; the first YES has to be selected as an answer to the question that – Do you wish to use the customized login page? Then, it can be designed in the HTML and then the code can be pasted in the text box that is provided over the feature page.
    • Else, it is needed to use the default login page that is provided by CloudCodes, then NO has to be selected and any of the templates provided over the policy page can be chosen. Finally SAVE has to be clicked for saving these settings.

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