Strong Password Policy with gControl

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 30th, 2016

Google For Work comes with a lot of great features and capabilities for the end user. From the end user perspective, Google For Work allows them to work in a collaborative manner from anywhere, anytime and any device. But there are certain gaps which really bother the IT team from the administration point of view. One of such gap is enforcing password policy.

Google For Work provides very simple password policy for the maximum length of the password (

CloudCodes gControl provides the following features for password policy

  1. Complexity of password
  2. Account Lock
  3. Historical Password
  4. Restrictions
  5. Expiration

Complexity For Strong Password Policy

gControl provides administrator to enforce the users to create a complex password with various combination to ensure password strength is higher. The higher the password strength more it is difficult to break the password by any brute force techniques. gControl provides following options for complexity

  1. Minimum password length
  2. Minimum character classes
  3. Minimum lowercase characters
  4. Minimum uppercase characters
  5. Minimum numeric characters
  6. Minimum special characters

Account Lock

gControl provides an administrator to enforce locking of user’s account in case multiple attempts of providing the wrong password is given. The administrator can configure

  1. Number of failed attempts.
  2. Whether to automatically unlock after 1-24 hours
  3. Notify administrator or any other user about locking of account

Historical Password

gControl provides the administrator the capability for ensuring a user doesn’t provide the previous password. This is a very important requirement from organization compliance perspective. The administrator can configure the number of previous passwords that cannot be set.


gControl provides administrator additional control on user’s password by adding one of the following restrictions

  1. Disallow username in password
  2. Disallow digit as first character in password
  3. Disallow parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters in the password
  4. Exclude keywords in password


One of the most important features of gControl password policy is enforcing expiration of user’s password. gControl provides an administrator to configure the password expiration interval. The following can be done

  1. Minimum age of password
  2. Maximum age of password
  3. Reminders to be sent for password expiration