New Year Resolution – Protecting IoT Networks and Devices from Cyber Attacks

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 29th, 2021

COVID-19 has caused a dent in the worldwide economy and has forced nearly all the workforce to operate remotely. This has increased the number of digital users and digital data presence. Due to this, we have also seen the presumed most complex and serious assaults (which is the Generation V SolarWinds Sunburst Attack). Digital lawbreakers are always ready to exploit increased remote users by incrementing their attacks on IoT devices. So now there is a requirement to Protect Your IoT Networks and Devices.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is used by nearly every company in the world and so all of them are at risk of allowing a backdoor into their network. Connected devices are present everywhere, and you cannot live your life without using them. In your house itself, there are many IoT devices such as smart TV, printer, smartphones, and others that are connected to the Internet. In line with, envision the number of IoT gadgets present in an enormous association. Although these gadgets are good since they smooth out business measures, make comfort, and ensure a simpler life. Nonetheless, we are living in a world that relies on technology and the Internet for everything. A smarter world means higher risks since your organization’s IoT gadgets widen the assault surface. The sole motivation behind the IoT gadgets is convenience, rather than security. This puts all the IoT-based companies in danger of a cyber-attack that can be extremely damaging; especially in the industries that form the core of our life such as Healthcare, Industrial, and Enterprise. Hence, there is a requirement to Protect Your IoT Networks and Devices.

Some Prescribed Procedures to Protect Your IoT Networks and Devices from Cyber Assaults

A cyber-attack is highly detrimental and unfavorable. Consequently, you should adapt how to prevail with regards to keeping unapproved access as well as malicious aims from arriving at the IoT gadgets in conjunction with safeguarding the contaminated gadgets from bargaining different components. Here are some of the certain prescribed procedures to shield your IoT Devices and Network from cyber assaults. You need to make all the arrangements that help to:

  • Forestall unapproved access and vindictive intent reaching at IoT gadgets in the first place
  • Identify and uncover the contaminated gadgets through disclosure and risk assessment
  • Automatically make strategies for securing and controlling the IoT gadgets with an easy to use management dashboard


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