CloudCodes An Alternative to Okta – It Is Not Always About The Comparison Alone!

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 20th, 2019

Cloud technology is very necessary for many day-to-day corporate activities, data analysis and application development processes. Enterprises have embraced cloud technology and its climb trajectory is on an upswing. It offers huge advantages and is beneficial if the cloud security concerns are properly addressed. The security risks associated with each and every firm are different and hence there is no universal cloud security solution. Cloud technology is ever-evolving and enterprises keep themselves updated with the latest on it. Indeed, cloud technology offers a platter full of benefits, but its security challenges are a matter of concern. CASB solution helps enterprises to safeguard their sensitive data so that the cloud security risks are minimized. Here, in comparison with Okta vs CloudCodes, we will be introducing you to the advantages of using CloudCodes CASB solution and how it is better alternative to Okta.

CASB Solutions to the Rescue of Enterprises

CASB solutions provided by Cloud Access Security Brokers act as a visibility and policy control points. Sitting between the user and the cloud application, CASBs are undoubtedly the most widely discussed topic in the corporate corridors, for firms having plans to shift their data on the cloud. By 2018, Gartner predicts that nearly half of the enterprise spending will be on public clouds. This proves that cloud technology is here to stay. The cloud service providers provide security to the infrastructure layer through certifications and audits like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2. The enterprises now have to deal with the security risks brought about by user behavior. Around 25% of the IT expenditure comes from non-IT department, because the line-of-business-owners and the teams themselves select cloud apps and technologies, which make their tasks easier and all the more productive than ever. The downloading of apps without the consent of the IT department results in higher risks; and thus, the risk mitigation strategies have to be considered. Data breaches are becoming the norm today and it is wise that the enterprises add efficient security tools like CASB that will help to keep their data safe and secure. Also, with the stricter imposing of GDPR regulations, enterprises have to select a security tool that will help them achieve compliance. Any non-compliance may result in heavy fines along with customer dissatisfaction.

Okta Identity Cloud and Its Features

The problems for CIOs and the end users are solved by Okta. It bridges the existing systems into the cloud. The present-day corporate identity systems such as the Active Directory as well as LDAP can all be built by Okta, so that, the policies, which are existing, can be imported and also easily converted. The Okta API allows enterprises to embed functionality directly into the apps to preserve guidelines. This creates a smooth and unified experience for the users. It gives full flexibility to the enterprises in defining what tools they use and how they use it. Okta enables the integrated service, which has been born and built in the cloud itself.

CloudCodes CASB – An Alternative to Okta

Cloud technology has changed the way data is stored and processed. Each and every enterprise has taken to cloud storage, computing and processing. It offers a plethora of benefits thus resulting in increased productivity and growth of enterprises. The primary advantages of cloud are flexibility, scalability, mobility, unbound access and cost-effectiveness. Cloud security is a major issue and enterprises have to deal with it seriously. CloudCodes CASB solutions acts as that needed security link between the cloud and the enterprises. It helps them negate the data risks so that they focus solely on productivity. With efficient CloudCodes CASB solutions, enterprises can not only secure their sensitive data, but also achieve compliance challenges. CloudCodes offers high-end CASB solutions and the enterprises can rest assured that their data is in safe hands.

Why CloudCodes is An Better Alternative to Okta

  • Okta offers SSO, Identity management, and some basic access control features, whereas, CloudCodes offers advanced cloud security.
  • The CASB solutions for cloud data security offered by CloudCodes are highly advanced, but not so expensive, whereas, Okta offers Identity solution, which is expensive.

Conclusion -Okta Vs CloudCodes

In comparison with Okta vs CloudCodes, CloudCodes CASB solutions offer a varied range of benefits and for sure it is better than Okta Identity solution. Here, in this article, we tell you why enterprises can choose CloudCodes CASB solutions as Alternative to Okta.