Can We Prioritize Digital Transformation, IT Security, and GDPR Compliance?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • December 22nd, 2020

If enterprises are deciding to concentrate on digital transformation but, are having a lack of resources, outsourcing their IT support will enable them to completely concentrate on transformation. This post is going to assist readers by exploring the thoughts of specialists regarding digital transformation, IT security, and GDPR compliance in a proper prioritized manner.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is like a priest for several enterprises because it has provided a rapid increase in the world of digital-first consumers, which has moved to online transformation. UK enterprises assign a 34% of growth in their revenues for the efforts in digital transformation. It is not only about the procedure of business transformation to make it more efficient, but also about adjusting the demands of new emerging customers. Some people are having a misconception regarding this process i.e., Digital transformation splashes the cash on technology, which comprises lots of whistles or bells in it. Also, it is available only for large companies. These sort of predicted statements are totally wrong regarding this concept.

Digital Transformation for Small Firms – Digital transformation could feel out-of-reach for small industries, which are not having a proper in-house IT team. It enables enterprises, even small businesses, to drive actual digital transformation and reduce the overall burden of an in-house IT team. All these things enable enterprise employees to focus more on growth and innovation.

In the era of 2018, it can be clearly seen that almost all enterprises have begun to see the importance of outsourcing IT support. Digital transformation provides them a growth in computer economics (outsourced IT support). Undoubtedly, the unstoppable growth for outsourcing purposes is IT security. 47% of respondents decide to spend more on the services of outsourced IT security.

If the business IT group is thin on the group, it is especially essential to assure that all the required resources are availed to achieve prevention against cybercrimes. An enforced amount of resources should assure the protection of enterprise core data from data breaches. Hiring a highly-skilled cloud data security expert in a company will cost high. It is being observed that 51% of enterprises are experiencing a ‘problematic shortage of cybersecurity experts’. However, managed security service providers guarantee the hiring of a specialist team. Industries officials are advised to hire on-premises cybersecurity team who are known as security-as-a-service providers. They will render all cybersecurity measures in a skilled and simplified manner because it is their service for having one in order to serve its clients.

Role of GDPR Compliance

Outsourcing GDPR compliance does not fully absolve enterprises from their responsibility. They still need to determine their internal business standards and procedures. Fortunately, if you are having a suitable cloud security service provider for your premises, the vendor team will assist you in learning the best security practices for data protection. A smaller organization will be able to experience a sigh of relief because GDPR mandated role of DPO can be outsourced. Either it is a small, medium, or large enterprise, a business has to adopt a GDPR data protection officer. Well, small enterprises can assign the responsibilities of DPO to an existing employee. But, this employee should be well known for the exact role of DPO in a business and have deep knowledge regarding GDPR 99 articles.

Extra Important Information

The power of outsourcing this role entirely not only helps enterprises in gaining General data protection regulation policy but, also gives assistance invaluable budget. They should not outsource the IT support services exclusively for cost-saving purposes. If things are used correctly, outsourcing enables businesses to grow without resources for concentrating more on digital transformation.

One needs to subject the risks against their benefits with help of a third-party project. For example – the implementation and support of CRM solution mean that there is the involvement of one extra party who works with confidential information. It is essential to select IT services vendors, which is completely committed to customer’s data protection from threat and implementation of GDPR compliance. A high-quality IT support firm will be having an in-place major sophisticated strategy for data protection. IT companies had shifted their work from traditional IT infrastructure to the digitization platform. Still, it is critical to work on IT architecture because it demands hardware maintenance and a proper team to work upon it. Use of IT services in IT security and IT support takes business to next level and enables people to concentrate on ambitious transformation vision, targeted by a company.

Conclusion: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, IT security, and GDPR compliance – All these three things are mandatory to achieve in a business. All these are correlated with one another. This means that ‘digital transformation is incomplete without IT security, and IT security is incomplete without GDPR compliance’. Therefore, an enterprise has to implement all these three cloud factors one after the other to work securely online.