CASB Solution Remedying Cloud Security Ailment in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 2nd, 2020

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Cloud

Internet has surely taken the world by storm and pharmaceutical industry is no different; it is also not lagging behind in this cloud race. Many online companies in the Pharma sector are providing great online services to help the customers avail the delivery of medicines without having to leave their physical boundaries. This leading pharmaceutical firm is based in Asia, and is highly progressive in terms of cloud adoption to a larger scale, making their services reach a farther level. This firm in the pharmaceutical industry deployed G Suite after having weighed the advantages received from cloud adoption in terms of heightened productivity and greater accessibility. However, the peril was not far; they soon realized the pitfalls of adopting these new cloud-run systems. Still, the benefits outweighed the demerits of cloud adoption; so they were in no mood to give on their existing cloud run working models, but yes, they definitely wanted some solution that can help them surpass the ill-effects of cloud security lapses being clearly visible in their cloud run version of work. Definitely, they had no plans to take the U-turn to their conventional working systems, as productivity was something they always wanted to attain at the end of the day. One thing that was really perturbing the management desk of the firm was with cloud security risks coming as the by-products of free and easy cloud data access. It was a firm and quick realization that cloud networks were definitely not able to safeguard critical information, which was perceived to be happening more or less because of free and easy data access given to all the enterprise users and on all the company devices being operated inside the premises, making sensitive patient information prone to leakage, putting all the crucial data at serious risk. Then these concerns were effectively addressed by CloudCodes CASB solution.

Challenges with G Suite

Though the cloud system including G Suite benefited the enterprise greatly; but some problems were looming and this Pharma Company wasn’t able to reap the benefits of cloud in an inherent manner. While using the G Suite enterprise account; the teams were not able to control consumer Gmail account; this was because the login URL was same for G Suite Enterprise as well as for the consumer Gmail also. So, all-in-all the pressure of problems was mounting and they were looking for a solution to end their cloud usage woes.

CloudCodes for G Suite as a Solution

This pharmaceutical firm then began with their ultimate selection route for an efficient CASB solution. While on their research and exploration, they also conducted several trials of CloudCodes CASB solution. Definite solutions come when you trust the right vendors. During the multiple CloudCodes CASB trials, the team of CloudCodes Company ran their CASB solutions through several use cases on both, managed as well as on the unmanaged devices. Upon the confirmation for implementation, CloudCodes team then deployed their CASB solution, which was customized as per the requirements of this particular Pharma Company with focus on the Personal Gmail Block feature. This helped the firm in providing them real-time cloud protection, in turn helping them considerably to attain greater levels of cloud security on their company’s cloud-based networks.