MS Azure Stack: A Secure Way to Deal With Hybrid Cloud Security Concerns

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 26th, 2020

Businesses are covering hybrid cloud platforms with a number of records. It is so because the platform enables them to collectively work with products, platforms, and services. There are several organizations that are facing struggles while using the private and public cloud in combination with traditional architecture. In general, it is due to the absence of knowledge regarding correct skills for overseeing and managing the cloud application. This post is lived to aware enterprises worldwide with major ideas to handle hybrid cloud security concerns. Before that, we are going to learn the challenges that are faced by industries in implementing hybrid cloud data protection.

Hybrid Cloud Security Challenges

At the starting of the year 2018, thousands of officials were queried about the reason behind adopting online computing for their business. This survey revealed that the adoption of cloud technology continues growing and, around 81% of respondents work on a multi-cloud strategy. The major challenges that cloud users face are Spend and Security. As per the survey, it seemed that 30% of their spent amount on cloud is of no worth – it is totally waste. To tackle this problem, around 58% of cloud individuals put efforts into cloud optimization, as their first initiative in the upcoming years.

Well, Gartner found that industries that are lacking in the cost optimization process will on average overspend 40% in public cloud services. In addition to this, hybrid cloud security concerns continue to stay in one’s mind. A cloud survey found that still there are 77% of respondents who feel security just a challenge and around 29% feel cloud information security is a prominent challenge. Now a question might be roaming in your mind round-and-round that Is there any solution to fix this at any cost? Fortunately, the answer to this question is Yes. It only requires the correct use of software and an expert team that always secures your business cloud data.

Microsoft Azure Stack: Reducing Hybrid Cloud Security Concerns

Microsoft customers from different corners of the world use Azure as public cloud storage because they find it as the fastest updating platform. A report from stated that Microsoft Azure growth will never get slow down because 72% of Microsoft clients are deciding to distribute their workloads in the Azure Stack over the next 3 years. You might be thinking that why Azure Stack is the major concern in the topic of hybrid cloud data protection?

Microsoft Azure Stack is an Azure extension, which allows enterprises to build and deploy hybrid software anywhere. It enables developers to work with the same resources and processes with which they are known in the Azure platform. These tools will be the one that is used for building either public or private Azure cloud instances and then, share them in the cloud. This meets the need of regulatory, business, and technical operations in one or another manner. The Azure Stack enables enterprises to speed up development through inbuilt approaches. These inbuilt tools are present in the Azure Marketplace with several open-source products and technologies.

Talking about the meeting of hybrid cloud security concerns then, Azure Stack solution enables industries to deliver the services of Azure-consistent within their premises data center. This feature renders them the flexibility and power in the public cloud services, which is fully under the control of their own governance.

Pricing Based on Consumption

Another concern of hybrid cloud data protection comes at the time of overspending money on the cloud. One of the major reasons behind overspending money is the lack of understanding that includes making of correct decision to select simple tools and processes for a particular business. The mission and vision of all industries are different hence, the software and procedures will be also different. But, there is one thing common in all enterprise online computing protection i.e., they have to enhance the cloud agility for continuously monitoring cost and compliance. Sometimes firms over-provision their on-premises infrastructure with the aim to be ready for dealing with unpredictable development, which in turn results in overspending.

Managed consumption in a hybrid cloud is an operating structure, which allows enterprises to consume a sufficient amount of required resources. Simultaneously, they will be able to drive with improved cost, performance, security, and compliance. The models designed to deal with hybrid cloud security concerns eliminate the requirement of staff for regularly managing the hybrid platform. This idea will help in reducing human errors and enable employees to think more about business innovation. When things will be carried away in a correct manner, the model will enable the administrator to see that who is accessing their business cloud, what the prices are, and whether the policies are getting followed or not.


Security and Spending – these two are hybrid cloud security concerns with which organizations need to deal with. After testing the several online hybrid platforms, Microsoft Azure comes as the best of all. There is no overspending or security risk while using this solution.