Need Of Visibility in the Cloud For Enterprises – Can Be Attained By Using CASB Solution

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 7th, 2020

Visibility in the Cloud – Why it is Needed?

It is an often repeated mantra that firms that are either using or investigating about cloud computing methods are chiefly concerned about data security over cloud. As a matter of fact, data security and privacy are the chief concerns that are being cited as major inhibitors in the path of cloud adoption. Some experts say that need of visibility in the cloud & control are the key missing elements in attaining complete cloud security. Most users today cite an increased reliance over web-based apps like cloud computing services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps as the major driving factors in their concerns related to cybersecurity. However, many cloud experts are saying that in certain ways, cloud data is securer than any on-premise installation, specially for small and midsize firms that are not having sufficient resources for dedicating to have sufficient technologies and expert staff in-house.

Cloud Vs On-Premises Infrastructures

Having adequate IT staff with proper security expertise might be a tricky affair for firms of all sizes. Any business that vets cloud services and apps to organize their organizational info helps them in better data storage and safeguarding of that information. Within the cloud, the data is probably much safer as compared to keeping it on premises. The irony lies in the fact that though many companies convey that they have great confidence in their cloud service providers’ cloud security claims, but at the same time, these firms are also reluctant towards putting their sensitive data over cloud. Most such firms tend to move only the not-so-critical data and systems onto cloud, but certainly not their most sensitive data and critical systems to cloud including confidential company info, financial data as well as credit card info etc.

Data Security And Need Of Visibility in the Cloud

Cloud security vendors are totally determined towards making the cloud as a trustworthy environment for organizations to do their businesses without much fear. It is in fact related to the management of this responsibility and ensuring the protection of data that is being managed. Cloud isn’t quite on par with the on-premise systems and installations if we talk about security. Cloud security is more of a shared responsibility and a kind of ‘do-it-yourself’ operation, which needs the firms to deploy some third-party solutions like CASB solutions. Many people are claiming the cloud to be fundamentally insecure system. The real issue behind this is certainly not security alone, but it is more about the need for cloud visibility and control. Organizations are not having good mechanisms for injecting pre-defined access restrictions, own security policies etc., into their cloud services. Also, they are not having the ability to access their logs. All this and more can be handled if companies have a good CASB solution in place.


Need of Cloud Visibility for Enterprises is really important for 100% data security. CASB solutions really reduce the risks of file and data transfers, processing of data and cloud data storage. Talking of the cloud-based data centers and cloud service providers, the data is basically under their complete control, and also within the perimeters of their data centers, thus giving the enterprise users a sort of assurance that their data is probably much securer than in the perimeter of their own SMBs networks. But what happens at the time of adversities. Well! This is where Cloud Access Security Brokers come into the picture. CASB solutions are that required security arms which all firms need to strengthen their security systems and tighten their user access mechanisms, without giving away the features of cloud computing, at the same time. This precisely means that with proper CASB solutions in place, employees of these firms would still enjoy mobility, flexibility, easy and anywhere data access; and at the same time, they would be under the surveillance radar with access restrictions and policies imposed upon them. Any malicious attempt made to violate these policies would be reported immediately and necessary action will be taken in real-time. So, all-in-all this is going to a great profit proposition for any firm to deploy appropriate CASB solutions over their organizational security radars.