How Secure is Google Chromebook – Get Answer to This Popular Question

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 27th, 2020

Are you also having different sort of questions in mind regarding Chromebook like – how secure is Google Chromebook? What all inbuilt security features are present in it to ensure that data is stored in a protective manner?

If you are one such Google client who is having the same kind of queries in mind, you are at the correct place. Here in this post, we are going to aware enterprises with the inbuilt security features adopted by Google. These practices are the one that is used to protect Chromebook OS data. One can go through the entire post and realize that Google is giving its best for Google Chromebook protection.

Inbuilt Security In Google Chromebook

Chromebook is coded with the principle of ‘defense in depth’ for rendering several protection layers so as to work in effect even if anyone layer gets bypassed. Still, it is important to adopt precautions for advanced information protection system, which is rendered by the Chromebook Security team. A Google Chromebook comprises of following cloud security measures within it:

  • Automatic Updates – The most relevant measure to achieve protection against malware is to ensure all products are up-to-date and comprises of the latest security troubleshooters. It is difficult to achieve the same kind of operation on traditional OS where several software elements from different vendors are having variations in their UI and functioning. Google Chromebook is capable of managing its update on its own, therefore, always run with its recent version.
  • Sandboxing Mechanism – Each web page and software runs on a restricted Chromebook platform, which is named as ‘sandbox’. Whenever Chromebook is navigated towards an infected page, it cannot spread its negative impact on other tabs and applications on PC, or on any other part of system.
  • Verified Boot – Just imagine a case where the malware is smart enough to cheat the eyes of Sandbox system! Risk of threats become high. Don’t panic, an extra security layer is still present. Even if any malware escapes from the eyes of sandbox, Google Chromebook is still secured. A self-checked system known as ‘Verified Boot’ began its working on the startup of Chromebook. If it addresses that a machine has been defected with or corrupted in any way, it automatically repairs them without the human presence. It converts the defected Chromebook system into a healthy OS with no more risk of data loss.
  • Data Encryption – At the time of working with Chromebook, all essential content is saved securely on the cloud storage platform. Different kinds of documents like cookies, downloads, and browser cache files, might exists in the computer system. The Chromebook Security intelligence system encrypts this content via tamper-resistant hardware. This makes things tough for hackers or intruders to gain access to those documents.
  • Recovery Mode – Push a button or utilize a rapid keyboard combination to mention recover mode and regain the OS to a known suited edition if something goes wrong in Chromebook.

Service Provider Are Doing From Their End, Now Its Your Time

Google Chromebook service providers are giving their best in protecting its data but are the customers equally giving their efforts? Remember one thing:

Google Chromebook protection is an OS that works majorly in the presence of the Internet. It is designed on the concept of cloud computing techniques where cloud storage security is a shared responsibility. This means that not only Google but, its users are equally responsible for protecting data in Chromebook.

In today’s date, if customers show laziness in securing data on the cloud, chances of data leakage are high. They need to make sure that they are also adopting advance practices to protect documents stored online. Either they can hire a cloud security expert or a Google Chromebook protection service provider to achieve the same. Talking about the costing then, both will require equal finance. It’s better to choose the option of Chromebook service providers because, by default, a team of security experts will be dedicated to protecting customer’s online data. One such service provider is CloudCodes where interested users are freed from stress of data protection and are enabled to make the best use out of Chromebook OS. The service offers following topmost features to its clients:

You Are Having All Things, Its Time to Take Action

How secure is Google Chromebook – Answer to this question is 50% dependent on the service provider and 50% on the consumers. Google security team is giving its best to protect online content, rest all things are dependent on clients. So, its time to wake up and ensure that you are working with the best security practices in your premises!