Enhance Gmail Account Security Via Google Apps Password Expiration Policy

admin Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • October 22nd, 2018

Interested in Enforcing Google Apps Password Expiration Policy

Using 2-step verification procedure in G Suite account is useful for cloud security but, a periodic change in account password is also essential to upgrade the protection level. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you are having automated task of resetting the password of every employee who works within your business domain? Obviously, you will prefer to schedule a system that changes the password every three months without any human involvement. Isn’t it? Of course yes! First of all, release yourself from all the stress and sit with a focused mind while reading this blog. You can achieve Google Apps password expiration policy easily for enhancing G Suite security. This post is going to brief you with solution, which will remind an employee to change the password after every three months on its own.

Importance of Setting up Google Password Expiration Policy

Understand the importance of G Suite password expiration standard by imaging following situation :

“Suppose you are a business owner in a medium-sized firm and you are using Google for work online service. Along with the responsibility of different business stuff, you are managing security in the Google cloud platform. The hold of G Suite admin account is in your hand because you are quite conscious regarding your confidential enterprise data. At business level, you are imposing cloud DLP policies, G Suite password policy, and other practices to protect cloud information. Being an aware cloud user, you yourself change credentials of all your business accounts periodically but, do you think that your employees do the same thing with their official accounts? After all, they are your account users who are working with your business data, as per the privileges assigned by you.”

Here comes the role of Google password expiration policy! These security standard forces account users to change the password after the specified time. If someone tries to break the rule, defined set of actions like blocking access, send an alert to admin, etc., are taken. The amazing thing with this policy is that a user or admin does not have to remember the duration to change password. The system itself gives notification of the same, reminding users to alter the account password.

Solution to Enforce Google Apps Password Expiration

Google does not provide an inbuilt feature to implement this password expiration standard in G Suite account. Enterprises need to adopt a Google cloud security vendor, which features this policy within its software. One of the well-known service providers having G Suite password expiration functionality is CloudCodes gControl. The software is programmed with almost all measures, which are required to create an unbreakable security bond. Well, to use the Google cloud password expiration policy with gControl app, go through the following instructions:

  • Login into your gControl account and open its Dashboard
  • Go the Left Panel of Dashboard and click on Identity >> Password Policy
  • Configure the Expiration standard by clicking on Add Policy button
  • Fill in all Details required on the current screen and Enable Granted Option to Permit users to Change Password
  • Expand the Organization Unit section and select the Unit on Which Policy is to be Applied
  • Go to Expiration area and Define the Attributes to be Applied in the standard
  • At last, click on Save button to Update the Security Changes in your G Suite account

Observational Verdict

Enterprises can achieve strong online protection in their business by making use of the Google Apps password expiration standard. gControl software benefits its customers up to a higher extent with this inbuilt feature. By default, this policy is disabled in the software. Customers need to activate it, whenever required.