G Suite Business DLP – To Avoid The Risk of Data Loss!

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • May 19th, 2021

G Suite Business DLP i.e. Data Loss Prevention is crucial for every organization worldwide. This is primarily because the sensitive data that is stored in G Suite, including a few highly regulated ones that are collected or handled by an organization is subject to strict compliance regulations, such as FERPA, COPPA, and CIPA. Thus, it has become extremely important for organizations to comply with the stringent G Suite security norms.

G Suite Business DLP

G Suite Business Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is critical for avoiding any loss of data that can have repercussions on the entire organization. Data is considered to be the ‘new oil’ of the digital age; hence, any loss of important information – intentional or not – can lead to problems. Adding to the nuisance is the malware, like ‘ransomware’, that can make the data of any organization useless via unnoticed encryption. So, data lost either by accident or by ransomware leads to a problematic scenario. Thus, it is important that organizations must take appropriate measures to avoid the risk of data loss by any means. For this, an organization can opt for:

  • Backup: Although overlooked by most organizations, backup is definitely one of the most effective means of security. Moreover, effective backup protects against accidental data loss. In reality, over 50% of data loss is because of the mistakes of end-users. Not only does backup prevents data loss in accidental situations but also in case of intentional damages caused by a resentful employee, attacker, or anyone wanting to cause harm to the organization. Cloud data backups must involve:
    • Automated backups
    • Prompt backups during migration
    • Monitor and control over deletion, through which organization can regulate who and what can delete data
  • Protection against Ransomware: Ransomware has gained immense popularity among attackers looking for malware variants to cause menace. What works for attackers, in this case, is that that there is an encryption key encrypted in the files that only they are aware of. So, instead of damaging the files, they hold files for ‘ransom’ until the affected user makes payment. This malpractice has already affected many big organizations around the world as attackers have used this malware for infecting cloud business-critical systems. In order to avoid this, organizations have moved the data to a public cloud-like G Suite thinking that this will protect them against ransomware, but this is not entirely true. Generally, a synchronization process is utilized by public cloud data storage from the on-premise workstations. Hence, if the local copies are already encrypted, then these too get stored in the public cloud. An effective solution is one that is able to automatically block the attack source in real-time as well as identify the damaged files. The Ransomware Protection and Detection Solution must provide:
    • Ransomware Detection
    • Automated Blocking of Encryption Processes
    • Automated Restoration of Encrypted Files
    • Versioning System


Therefore, one has to rely on the best G Suite Business DLP solution to avoid any unfortunate incident that can lead to data loss or encryption, which can adversely affect the entire organization. CloudCodes DLP solution for G Suite is one of the best available options for effectively addressing security issues.