Cyber Threat Landscape – Management of Cloud Data Security & Frauds

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • January 31st, 2021

In today’s era where tremendous increase can be observed in data leakage incidents and cybercrimes, online data protection awareness among enterprise is also arising. From small to big, organizations are dedicated towards adoption of a comprehensive security solution to gain prevention against cyberattacks. But with development in cloud computing security approaches, the hackers are moving ahead towards next steps. Therefore, here we came live with this post to aware online consumers about current Cyber threat landscape situation and solutions to deal with it.

Cyber Threat Landscape Definition – A place from where one can take an overview of internet threats, together with the latest and emerging threats is known as the Cyberthreat landscape. It is based upon the public data and creates an independent image on discovered threats, threat trends, and threat agents. In simple words, the Cyber threat landscape comprises of a report that summarizes the online threats, which has been obtained after collecting public information.

What Are The Latest Cyber Threat Landscape?

A constant change has been noticed in the threat landscape. The emergence of IoT devices, mobile applications, and CyberWorld adoption has resulted in exponential data growth. Things have become difficult to deal with and beyond the potential of user analysis. Nowadays hackers are becoming more sophisticated, are more and more using automated methods to execute their planned attack. Talking about the Internal threats, they are also increasing day-by-day.

Historical static security controls are not at all enough to compete with Cyber threat landscape. Enterprises have to upgrade or change their cloud services security measures to handle cloud computing security challenges. The key and future of online data protection are in big data and data analytics that demands ‘Automated front-end security controls’. Today, enterprises need to emphasize both of these arenas and protect their content via a solution offering AI driven security analytics and fraud detection using AI. This kind of solution will be like a behavior-based security intelligence system.

Read More About These Analytics Solutions

There are different service providers worldwide who are known with current status of Cyber threat landscape. They are helping their clients in programming behavior-based security analytics environment along with fraud analytics solution. Vendors’ solution does this by creating behavior profiles and basic statements and construct context around individuals, entity, and identity. The system begins with analysis of normal behavior comparison with the new activities and gives an alert notification on the risky anomalous behavior. Some of these service vendors also offer analytic solutions for big data that help customers in quantifying risk quickly in no time.

Deal With Cyber threat Landscape Via Behavior Analytics

Most of the business clients from different corners of the world raise a question that

“How does the user and entity behavior analytics translating security and fraud management?”

One of the most powerful and trending security controls in today’s date is ‘Behavior analytics’. Especially, it is associated with detection and prevention of frauds that take place in recent Cyber threat landscape. The preventive measures for legacy fraud are considering siloed information that runs credit card transaction information, or the payment records. The service provided by vendors for fraud analytics can link information from a large number of sources. This helps in providing a contextual image and highlights anomalous transactions that are based upon the historic profiles of community and user. It involves the analyzes of offline and online activity like public records, point of sale transactions, contact center interactions, and ATM transactions. The AI fraud detection system mines and then normalize the data as well as generate a risk scoreboard for fraud & abuse. It can be used for real-time decision making procedure or for an event batch scoring.

Use Of User Behavior Analytics Algorithms

Cloud users in the same company often have the same set of security concerns. User behavior analytics vendors are capable of providing their client’s successes in particular companies to explore their overall reach within that organization. With this approach, vendors have raised their customer base in different firms by better understanding on how they can fix Cyber security issues for enterprises in domains like Hi-tech, Healthcare, Finance, manufacturing, IT, and Government.

How CloudCodes Help In Minimizing Noise of Cyber Threats?

The topic of Cyber threat landscape is vast, which can never be finished because daily the emergence of a new attack takes place in the CyberWorld. Instead of reading here and there too much about this, enterprises should enforce the CloudCodes CASB solution in their premises. This solution helps consumers in dealing with cloud computing security and management issues. No matter who is working with business content but, if something goes wrong then, this solution will take action immediately to prevent cybercrimes or data exposure. The solution includes password policy features, monitoring system, data loss prevention measures, and other security controls that are needed to stay safe on Cyber threat landscape.