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Easy Report generation for SSO1

SSO1 Report Generation feature gives you the ability to highlight the weak security links and analyze them effectively. This is an intuitive, user-friendly, clear and easy-to-read report that can be very conveniently understood by anyone and which is not just for the technical geeks only; anyone can use it!

Highlighted features in Report

You can easily locate the ‘Reports’ tab on the left side of the dashboard, second last from the bottom. As you click on this tab, the report page opens up. Here, the first list box says “Types of Reports,” where you have to select from the following types:

  • Session Report.
  • App Usage Report.
  • Policy Audit Report
  • Violation Report.
  • Password Strength Report.

How Reports work effectively

After selecting the Type of Record, you are asked for the Sub Type or the Category accordingly. For example, when you select the Violation Report, you have to select from various sub categories like Login Page Violation, IP Violation, Geo Location Violation, Browser Restrict Violation and Time Restrict Violation. After that, you have to Select Date, From (Date) - To (Date). The next field is for the Time Zone for entering the standard time zone, it may chosen default to your standard time zone as per from registration. Then, there is an input field for the User List where you have to select the users, for which, you want to generate the report. Similarly, below it is the OU List where you have to select the organizational unit list for generating the report. This is how you run various reports. Now, let’s have a brief introduction of each Type of Reports.

On number one is the ‘Session Report’ that gives report of the time-line for active session of users. On number two is the ‘App Usage Report’ that gives usage of specific application to users with date and time. Third one is the ‘Policy Audit Report,’ which gives all the info about the policy modification done by the admin. Fourth one is the ‘Violation Report’ that gives various violation reports. For example, the Browser Restrict Violation gives all the info about the login attempts with browser type and version. Similarly other violations included in this category. The last one is the ‘Password Strength Report;’ you have to enter the numeric password score and it will generate report of user with entered score.

Apart from all these, SSO1 sends automated mail to the admin in case any user or organizational unit violates the implemented policies. Admin can also access complete reports on a monthly basis at one place in the report section. These interactive and easy-to-understand reports can be easily downloaded in PDF formats.