Case Study for Logistics Industry

CASB solution for Logistics Industry


Headquartered in Asia, one of the leading logistics chain providing a comprehensive range of solutions including Packing and Moving, Transportation, Logistics, and Home Storage. For attaining transparency into their work processes, they adopted cloud in the first place with G Suite as their working arm. With advantages rendered by G Suite, the company staff was able to effortlessly access their data from anywhere and at any point of time. Migrating to cloud helped the firm grow their business considerably with an enhanced internal and external work environment.

Challenges with G Suite

The robust platform of G Suite surely did enhance employees’ communication experience a great deal and also gave them the provision to be available for work 24x7 irrespective of the location they were at and also beyond office hours. The work deliveries no longer confined to the office boundaries.

Even though G Suite gains were multiplying, with the increase in data and the users in the company, but with growing data storage needs of the company, security concerns also amplified. Access of data from other location increased the risks of data leakages manifolds for the organization.

Another biggest problem that the company was facing was with the access to employees Personal Gmail account alongside the business Gmail. By restricting personal Gmail accounts of the employees, the business emails too got somehow restricted, which was becoming a major cause of concern for the management.

CloudCodes for G Suite As a Solution -

The company was now looking for a solution to prevent personal Gmail access from their cloud application, chiefly G Suite. In their search for such a solution, the firm conducted trials of CloudCodes CASB solutions. In these trials, CloudCodes team ran them through a range of used cases for Consumer Gmail Block and IP Restriction features.

While working on cloud and after some time of its implementation, they were met with the challenge of privacy and confidentiality of vital data, which some employees were sharing over their personal Gmail. For this, they needed an added layer of protection, which they gained in the form of personal Gmail block from CloudCodes for G Suite to help them ease out this new challenge after migrating to Cloud and using GSuite services for their documentation.

CloudCodes For G Suite allowed this logistic firm to add the much-needed layer of cloud security on top of their G Suite application without any significant change in the management. The IP Restriction feature provided by CloudCodes CASB solution for G Suite protected the enterprise from any unauthorized access by the employees or by any unauthorized person outside the office premises or from any undefined IP address.

With benefits of G Suite, coupled with CloudCodes, their work processes got even more streamlined than before, monitoring everything real-time and controlling the access. Thus the enterprise was leveraging the agility of cloud securely.