Voice Logger Backup

Debasish Pramanik | March 25th, 2016 | Articles

A voice logger is a device or a program used to record audio information from telephones, radios, microphones and other sources for storage on a computer’s hard drive or removable media. Voice loggers are most often used by organisation for storing their call centers voice data. The data is generated based on the business volume from within the organisation, from the vendors, customers or the partners.

Typically the volume of data for a voice logger system is huge and compliance requirement makes it mandatory for retention for longer duration of time depend upon the country.

Compliance Requirement

The compliance requirement for voice logger data depends upon business vertical. Financial vertical will have more stringent clauses compared to non financial vertical. Sometime organisation has dedicated human resource to ensure their organisation adhere to the compliance needs.The team need to go through the recording of voice data on daily basis to ensure the guidelines set aside by regulatory body are adhered. This basically means voice logger system should be able to provide features of search based on the meta information of the voice data and granular access control to provide various level of access to various types of users.

Backup as a Solution

Backing up data of voice logger is becoming very important for various business verticals. CloudCodes Vault1 is a proven solution and widely acceptable in the financial domain. Vault1 provides the organisation to be divided into a tree structure ensuring different level of access control at each level of the node

The Vault1 comes with cloud based architecture with no dependency on any hardware or appliances. This makes it as a favorite for customers as their is no additional cost apart from the license cost.

Vault1 comes with two component i.e. management console and agent. The agent is installed on the workstation that stores the data of the voice logger generated data. Once the agent is installed on the workstation, the administrator can configures the backup policies that defines various parameters of the backup such as backup frequency, types of files etc-etc.

Once the configuration are defined the agent starts taking backup at the defined frequency. The data is backed up directly to the cloud without any hop within the customer environment.

Another feature of Vault1 is bandwidth throttling which allows the administrator to configure how much bandwidth backup process at the agent will take to ensure that the backup process doesn’t choke up the bandwidth.

Vault1 provides configuring security policies to define access control to business users on the voice data. This allows users apart from the administrator can be allowed to access the voice data in a secured and limited manner.


Vault1 is hosted on the robust and scalable Amazon AWS cloud platform. It uses S3 and Glacier to provides the storage to its customers. Vault1 divide the file into multiple chunks and then encrypt the chunk with customer specific keys at source before uploading it to the storage area. Bot in-flight and rest the chunk travels in a encrypted manner.