Is The Dark Web Really Terrifying as it is Reflected Out to Be? Let’s See

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • November 20th, 2020

We have planned to target this post on concepts regarding the dark web. You might be knowing that ‘the dark web‘ is a popular part of the internet that restricts several sites to index by search engines. It only enables proper browsing, if you are known from complete site address, making them hidden. Special kind of applications is required to access the dark web like web browsers configured with Tor. Once executing the dark web results in the selling of confidential data because of “darknet” markets existence. Cryptocurrency bitcoin is the currency used in the dark web technology.

From Where Did The Dark Web Come?

The dark web uses the “onion routing” principle, where anonymous state is maintained on the internet. This is possible by rerouting an activity on user’s web in different ways, broadcast IP addresses. The broadcasting takes place to conceal that ‘from which PC the network traffic is actually coming’. Well, it is said that this type of concept was initiated by the US Navy as a means to protect US intelligence network.

The release of the ‘Onion Rerouting’ was culminated by two mathematicians who worked in the Naval Research Laboratory. Now this onion concept is known as Tor. The project was disclosed on public cloud to enable each and every individual to work with it. In today’s date, ‘Tor’ is referred to as a core element of the data web. Since then, concept of the dark web attracted several hackers or attackers activities.

How To Work With Dark Web?

Technically, it is not much difficult to access the dark web. By far, Tor is the simplest means to work with. In addition to this, it is also possible to work with the dark web through other secured web browsers like Invisible internet project and Freenet. The proxy routing system is known as Tor, which is based on controlling the traffic from one PC via tons of different IPs for disguising ‘which system activity started from’. It becomes extremely tough to view that which person is having look on which system and upon which point of the network.

An official website exists from where one can download Tor and install it on respective PC or laptop. Now you can upload the huge dark web and acquire browsing. If a website’s link is ending with .onion, it will only be accessible in the Tor browser. However, keep one thing in mind that such websites cannot be on search through search engines like Google. This means that you should be conscious and sure that what you are currently accessing. Few anonymous Tor features come after its purchase.

Is the Dark Web Illegal?

A regular law enforcement action is present against websites that are spreading child pornography and compromising websites that are distributing malware in people’s computer. Bundle of websites in the Dark web is there that render illegal services and software but, the Dark Web is not illegal. Its positive sides are tremendous resource for knowledge and power. This results in hiding of location making it impossible to learn that from which country an individual is working with dark web.

Social media platforms have emerged that are same as the one on world wide web. Facebook and other traditional social media websites have started the dark-web editions of their sites for addressing issues related to the traditional platforms. This enables them to continue their service in all internet fields.

Why You Shouldn’t Go On The Deep Web?

Every coin has two sides – this idiom completely suits with the concept of the Dark Web. If it is used for a positive purpose then, nothing is great than this. But if it goes in the wrong hand then, no one can stop its disaster. We recommend enterprises to avoid using the Dark web because already they are so much engaged in their work that giving more than extra for the cloud data security is impossible for them. A Cybersecurity expert said that:

“Browsing the dark web seems interesting at starting but, a point comes when all things end with troubles. All things attract on the dark web but, working upon it can place you in a big trouble. There are several people from different corners of the world who faced many scary things in use of the dark web. For example – A person used TOR and while using it, he received a phone call but, there was no one on another side. The call was for 10 seconds time duration and he was on hang for all that duration.”


People who are ready to spend extra time, money, and efforts to maintain anonymous state due to their profession or place, can use this Tor. But, we will recommend you not to choose it because why to take risks when we have alternatives to it. You can access the internet on the World Wide Web, which is at least more secure than that of the dark web.