Cost-Effective Cloud Security for Modern Enterprises

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 15th, 2021

Because of the current events happening all around the world, the process of operating businesses has become a kind of an uphill task all across the various industries around the globe, which is much more than ever. At this time, when the global economy is decelerating, business organization(s) are still in charge of managing their hybrid workforce (remotely), and at the same time, protecting their mission-critical data as well as shielding against any cyber-threat(s), along with the onus of reducing the costs incurred for the same. Unluckily, business enterprises, which are managing disorganized cloud security, tend to experience countless unwanted commercial costs that are being tied to the operative bottlenecks within the firms, very high managing costs, and much more. So, cost-effective cloud security is the need of the hour!

Comprehensive Cloud Security

Leveraging a comprehensive cloud security platform, enterprises can block cyber threats and can also prevent any leakage(s) for all interaction(s) between devices, apps, end-points, and much more. As a result, organizations can reduce their costs as they can replace multiple point products with one single comprehensive solution. SASE provides comprehensive security for all such interaction(s) and it is also managed in the cloud right from one single dashboard.

Cost-Effective Cloud Security Solutions for Effective Cloud Security!

Consolidation of multiple cloud security tools into one single security platform works out to be very effective in terms of Return on Investments. Unluckily, several firms usually overlook this architecture while seeing cost-effective cloud security solutions. A good cloud security solution will eliminate the requirement for any on-premise hardware appliance(s) from different cloud vendors, thus saving a significant amount of money. Companies must also be well conscious about the supplementary maintenance costs incurred (including the employees’ time, upgradation requirement cost, & also any overhead expense(s)) that are linked with the obsolete, hardware-based security tools. Unluckily, other such cloud security tradition architecture also claim to be the cloud-native, whereas, they are housed in the private data center(s) merely, which means that they would still adhere to something that is principally an on-premise network model. Therefore, a cloud security vendor, whose solution is built in such a way, should maintain such data center(s), & unremittingly stock these with the other hardware appliance(s) for the benefit of their esteemed clients.

Some Challenges ThatTraditional Architecture Faces

Some challenges are there, which are faced by traditional architecture like downtime(s) & lack of scalability. The “rack-&-stack” approach of investing in multiple boxes for increasing the capacity for the customer(s) tends to create many operational bottlenecks, which may disrupt the business processes largely. This occurs when companies wait for installing/upgrading to new appliances, or when they wait for their cloud security providers to augment capacity at the data center(s).

Associate with the Best!

As a leading cloud security vendor, CloudCodes provides infinite scalability. In this way, it can provide cost-effective cloud security solutions for those savings to numerous customers. Cloud security solutions, which crash and make the firms experience downtime tend to inhibit business continuity and in due course, affect a company’s bottom line. Happily, CloudCodes, a CASB solutions help business owners by eliminating any interruptions to their business operations, so that the business owners can powerfully save their time as well as money.