How CloudCodes CASB can Partner with SMBs to Comply with GDPR?

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 24th, 2021

With the GDPR enforcement date inching closer and closer, all the business organizations across the EU and global businesses dealing with EU citizens are taking steps to make themselves GDPR compliant. It is another matter that some organizations are still struggling to understand the technical and legal jargon of GDPR and its implications in case of non-compliance, our previous blog on the GDPR fact file outlines all you need to know about this compliance. Most SMBs to comply with GDPR is always cost and resource-intensive. CloudCodes CASB solution aims to help SMBs globally in achieving GDPR compliance most effectively and efficiently.

SMBs to Comply with GDPR with CloudCodes CASB Solution

The main objective of the GDPR is to protect the EU citizen’s data and to increase the responsibility and accountability of organizations processing personal data. Persons or organizations that collect and manage Personally identifiable information(PII) must protect it from misuse and must respect certain rights of the data owners, which are guaranteed by EU law. The Data Loss Prevention solution as part of CloudCodes CASB solution provides a simple way to identify such information in cloud applications such as Google Drive. It will be able to identify all such information and tag them accordingly.

Another compliance as part of GDPR is data residency within OU. An organization must have comprehensive knowledge about their humongous data storage, handling, and processing of information. The companies should be well-equipped to give in all the details about how the personal data of its customers is being used and should be able to generate reports for the same.CloudCodes does understand the criticality of this compliance and hence it has deployed its CASB solution for SMBs dealing with EU customers in or outside the EU region.

CloudCodes CASB provides strong Access Control for the end-users. The organization can now restrict access to cloud applications and on-premise applications through geo-fencing. It can also bind the uses through MACID of the laptop and desktop, restricting access from unauthorized devices. Apart from geo-fencing and device binding, CloudCodes CASB solution can also restrict users by defining specific IPs, Browsers, and Time.

It is also vital for organizations to keep a track of all the cloud applications that are being used in the organization. CloudCodes CASB’s real-time shadow IT features to ensure the organization has more granular control on the user’s behavior on data sharing and accessing unknown or unsanctioned applications.

With the penalty for breaches amounting to a whopping 4% of global annual turnover (or Euro 20 million, whichever is higher), it will be impossible for organizations to run the risk of non-compliance from 2018 onwards. CloudCodes CASB has been adopted by businesses across several industry verticals, and it is our objective is to partner with SMBs to comply with GDPR globally to overcome the challenges of GDPR and become compliant in the most promising way.