Cloud-Delivered Security: Surely a Good Thing for Both MSSPs & Organizations

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • March 17th, 2021

Cloud-Delivered security is a vast subject that has extensions and complications regularly. The traditional network security framework of guarding the network checkpoints can no more work for the MSSPs. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) – the outsourced providers of the network security services of organizations should be more alert than before. MSSPs have to watch out for new network intrusions, threat intelligence, DNS Filtering, and next-gen firewalls in the cloud-delivered security services provided by them. Both MSSPs and organizations have to make sure they are up-to-date with the new advancements in cloud security coming their way. Let us proceed to know more about the benefits of Cloud-Delivered security for MSSPs as well as organizations alike.

Advantages of Cloud-Delivered Security for MSSPs

· Ready to use platform

This will provides a ready to This use platform. It enables MSSPs to shift the focus into valuable services rather than spending long hours introducing a new service to the market.

· Abreast of the updates

The cloud-delivered security platform stays up to date with the new advancements and complications in real-time threat attacks using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

· Improvements to the security models

The security models of every business are subject to real-time attacks. Hence, rapid improvements have to be done in regular intervals. A fully-automated system helps MSSPs in this task.

· Highly customized to satisfy the growing needs of the businesses

The businesses should change according to the customers’ demands. The changes may include the introduction of new products, new business models, cost-cutting procedures, etc. As businesses change, cloud security needs to be changed to implement data privacy at every point in time.

Advantages of Cloud-Delivered Security for Organizations

Organizations should opt for cloud-delivered security service for the better implementation of data security as data holds prime importance. Some of the reasons which count in for choosing such a service are as follows:

· Faster implementation with minimal issues

An MSSP can implement these models rapidly as they have in-depth knowledge of the security and its concerns. The issues are also very minimal compared to the traditional security platform.

· Cost reduction

Fully-automated cloud-delivered securitywill reduce operational costs to a greater extent. It proves more beneficial to the organizations as they always look to turn down additional costs.

· Abundant Cyber-security knowledge

The organizations can trust the MSSPs with the cloud-delivered security system(s), as they have vast knowledge and experience about cyber-security and its underlying issues.

· Customized solutions

Such a system adopted by MSSPs provides the organization(s) with different security models. They can be tailored according to the changing demands of the businesses.

Common Reasons for MSSPs and Organizations to Adopt Cloud-Delivered Security

Organizations and MSSPs are constantly looking for cost-reduction, customized solutions, scalable security, and many such aspects. At the same time, they aim to provide the best security system available. The cloud-delivered security system provides such solutions which are suitable for any threat attack(s) without leaving any loopholes. For the best cloud security solutions, turn to CloudCodes!