The Seven Key Benefits of Office 365 for Business

Marketing Team Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • September 22nd, 2020

Efficiency and effectiveness are two parameters that are leveraged by every organization. There is a demand for productivity tools that ensure completion of work from anywhere in a simple way. Office 365 is a popular productivity suite of Microsoft that comes with Word, Excel, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, etc. It is a fully-featured cloud-based suite. Office 365 for Business conveys all the instruments required for organizations to impart and team up from anyplace, nearly as effectively as though everybody was sitting in a similar room. In this period of Digital change, organizations searching for an upper hand need to use innovation to empower their workforce to work distantly. In this blog, we are going to discuss seven key benefits of Office 365 for businesses.

Cloud-based Office 365 offers some reasonable focal points for business, regardless of whether you have to help your shared capacities, improve efficiency, or guarantee your information remains secure. From online groups to sharing archives to business-class email, Office 365 conveys methods that go path past the introduced adaptation of Microsoft Office. 

Top 7 Benefits of Office 365 for Business

The seven key benefits of Office 365 for businesses are discussed here:  

1. Access Files Anywhere

All the files are stored in the cloud. Hence, these can be accessed from any location, on any device having a live Internet connection.   

2. Secure Cloud Storage

Among various benefits of Office 365, a high level of security is one of the key ones. Two-factor authentication is a robust security measure that disallows unauthorized people to access your files. Threat detection and anti-malware security features identify and stop all cloud security threats instantly.   

3. Improved Communication

Skype, Teams, and Yammer are three main communication tools of Office 365 that ensure centralized and systematic communication.   

  • Skype for Business allows conducting conferences and meetings, irrespective of the distance or time difference.  
  • Teams are integrated with an instant messaging function. It allows files to upload and comment on addition, consequently.  

Yammer is like your company’s social network. Just post on the “news feed” of your company, and your complete workforce will get an email notification for it.  

4. Predictable Spend  

The license to use Office 365 is purchased like a subscription. It can be done on per user basis, per month basis, etc. The overall cost of licenses depends on the requirements of your organization. Hence, you can calculate your spending in advance.  

5. Business Continuity  

In the event of a disaster, there will be no disruption to your office work. There are other benefits of Office 365. It is because all the files are stored in the cloud, wherein they are backed up on a consistent interval.   

6. Automatic Upgrades  

Office 365 are many, wherein automatic upgrades are done on essential applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook. The automatic updates are predetermined and are included in the original cost of the licenses.  

7. Centralized Collaboration

The presence of centralized tools is also among the top benefits of Office 365. With these tools, it becomes possible to share calendars, contacts, and mailboxes and edit them in real-time. SharePoint is used for real-time document collaboration.   

Reap the Benefits of Office 365 in Your Organization  

Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity suite integrated with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Herein, all the files and data are stored in the cloud, ensuring high security, backup, and instant access for all the team members. You can get in touch with CloudCodes, a Cloud Access Security Broker, which will help you choose the right plan according to your company’s size and the number of users, ensuring that your business keeps running securely under all conditions.