Compliance With Voice Call Recording For Banking / Insurance Sector Through Vault1

Debasish Pramanik | April 6th, 2016 | Vault

Banking/Insurance companies need to adhere to the BASEL II, US Patriot Act, Anti-money laundering, FDCPA etc-etc. The cost of adhering to such compliances can be considered high but the value of legal and reputation loss due to non-compliance can be many times higher. The cost of non-compliance may include the cost of settlement or fines to be paid to the complainant or huge loss of reputation or brand. For e.g. The $ 1.6 Billion in fines that Siemens had to pay to the authorities in the US & in Germany for a failure to comply with regulations regarding the disclosure of illegal financial considerations. Another example in a case between Exchange Commision(SEC) v/s Morgan Stanley in 2006, Morgan Stanley was made to pay fine of $15 million for failing to produce necessary electronic records. Read more to overcome Voice Call Recording issues.

How To Overcome Voice Call Challenges Faced by Compliance?

There are two aspects of cost of compliance first is technology and second are people. Investment in right technology at right time improves efficiency towards compliance management and mitigate the risk for future. It is very important for an organization to understand the value of technology in the process of adhering to various compliances.

One of the attributes for compliance management for banking/insurance includes monitoring agent performance and recording conversation with customers. One of the biggest challenges of banking/insurance sector is to ensure call records of their customer are kept for the longer duration of time. In case of legal scenario producing the appropriate recording can avoid unfavorable judgment.

Vault1 As Solution For Voice Call Recordings

CloudCodes Vault1 provides a comprehensive solution to archive call recordings of customers to a robust and scalable cloud platform. This allows the organization to have a copy of the recording of the voice call at a secondary location at a considerable cost that is paid as the storage requirement of the voice call data scale. The organization no longer need to consider the archival of such a large volume of data as a CapEx investment, as a result, it can be implemented quickly as part of compliance management process.

Vault1 allows the IT and compliance team various level of access as required by the compliance management process. It allows an hierarchical access to allow users with a bigger role to have access to all data at the same time granular access to localized business or administrator user.

Vault1 allows the organization to have an almost ZERO RPO and RTO i.e. almost real-time backup and retrieval of voice call recording data immediately on demand. This will improve the efficiency of the compliance process.


  • Vault1 has a cloud-based architecture which has no dependency on any hardware application which makes it customers friendly which doesn’t include any additional cost apart from licensing.
  • Vault1 comes with two component i.e. management console and agent that helps in taking the backup of the voice data information.
  • Bandwidth throttling of Vault1 allows the administrator to configure how much the bandwidth backup process at the agent will take.


Vault1 is the cloud storage platform that allows the file of multiple platforms to store in multiple chunks on the cloud and then encrypt those chunk with customer-specific keys at the source before uploading it to the storage area. So, the data remains encrypted and secured from all the attacks.