CloudCodes Announces Availability of Enterprise Mobility

CloudCodes announces the availability of enterprise mobility and identity access management

CloudCodes the single sign on and access control security solution provider announces the availability of enterprise mobility on their product SSO1. SSO1 which provides identity access management and single sign on solution for cloud based SaaS solutions.

The new version brings enterprise mobility to enterprise users. It allows the administrator to enforce access control policies of the organisation on the mobile users. In a world where BYOD is the new norm, having such solutions will allow organisations to ensure enterprise data is protected and secured from unauthorized access.

SSO1 now provides, support for identity access management for multiple cloud solutions. With this, the administrator can manage identity across multiple solutions. The administrator will be able to provision and deprovision the users across multiple cloud applications through single consoles.

The new version provides additional support to map different instances of single cloud application with different accounts, such as providing links to multiple google sites or multiple gmail accounts or multiple salesforce accounts.