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CloudCodes Announces Agentless Contextual Access Control For Organizations

CloudCodes Announces Agentless Contextual Access Control For Organizations

CloudCodes the leading cloud security and cloud access security broker (CASB) solution company, announced the availability of agentless contextual access control as part of its Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM) solution. The customers no longer need to deploy the agent on their laptop/desktops to bring additional factors to their security model.

CloudCodes, as part of its cloud access security broker (CASB) solution, provides single sign-on and contextual access control features to its customers. Till now, contextual access control has a dependency on the deployment of a thin agent on each end user’s machine. It was a cumbersome task and sometimes deal-breaker, especially for the implementation of a large customer.

CloudCodes today announced the availability of its new feature certificate-based device binding. It allows IT to bind the end user’s laptop or desktop based on certificates generated by CloudCodes. Certifications will ensure only approved laptop desktop can be used for accessing enterprise cloud applications.

As part of the solution, IT can generate a certificate specific to an end-user desktop/laptop and deploy a certificate-based authentication on each device, allowing it to secure access to enterprise cloud applications. The certificate exchange between the client and the server helps in identifying the user accessing the device. There is a simple and powerful inbuilt approval workflow for the registration of employee’s methods for accessing the enterprise applications.

“IT companies are now in dire need of an agentless solution that can offer complete visibility and control over your network. Visibility is the key factor in maintaining the security of your network. The more visible your network is, the more secure is your cloud environment. With the help of our agentless device restriction, our clients can now certify the user before allowing them access to the device and detect data threats in the initial stage itself,” said Jude Aloysius, CTO, CloudCodes.

CloudCodes – CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. It focuses on providing cloud security solutions to enterprise customers through its single sign-on solution. Its objective is to provide a simple, effective, and efficient platform for securing cloud applications for an enterprise. Analyst firm Gartner recognizes CloudCodes as one of the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security.

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