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Innovation Lab

Innovation lab is about solving some common but yet important problem which everyone is facing on a daily basis. Here we try to come up with some innovative ways to solve the issues which no one has attempted but everyone know the problem. Below are the 3 Innovation Lab products which you would love as it really is designed to some everyones problems.

CloudCodes Insertable logo

CloudCodes Insertable – Chrome Extension

Insertable is a Google Chrome extension which helps the user to paste the Microsoft Excel tables directly into Gmail in one click. Till now Gmail or Google Apps users had to do a work around to paste the Excel table to Gmail like first pasting the table on a MS word or Google Spreadsheet and then copy again from there and paste to Gmail. Insertable simply removes thoses steps, just copy the Excel table and hit the insertable button on the Gmail Compose or Reply/forward window.

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CloudCodes Attachable – Chrome Extension

Attachable chrome extension helps the user to overcome another common problem of not been able to attach emails in gmail which is easy to do using client like Microsoft Outlook. The extension creates the PDF of emails and stores it in the Google Drive of the users and allows the user to paste the link so the pdf files in the email to send it as attachment. It creates Zip files for emails with attachments.

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CloudCodes AntiPhish – Chrome Extension

AntiPhish is solution to fight against the Phishing attack faced by the Gmail/Google Apps users which has been increasing exponentially in last few years. CloudCodes AntiPhish is a security solution which has a central global database which is constantly updating from 3 sources,, and the users of AntiPhish to report any Phishing site. It has has a strong review mechanism.

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