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Strengthen Organization Capability to Secure Cloud Applications

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gControl Features to Extend Enterprise Security Policies by using SSO1 for Multiple Cloud Applications   Request a demo

Custom Login

Custom Login Page

SSO1 helps you design customized entrance for the organisation . It facilitates that the gateway to all cloud applications for the organisation adheres to organisation branding policy.



SSO1 provides you with the agreement policy which helps in signing the one time acceptance agreement(s) between the employee and the organization.



The HR/Administrator can broadcast message(s) to entire organization or set of user(s) within the organisation for a particular period of time.

Password Policy

Password Policy

SSO1 provides comprehensive capabilities to manage password policies within the organization. It also provides ability to evaluate password strength score for was user using standard password strength technique.

2 Fact Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

SSO1 provides various option for multi factor authentication. Apart from the traditional OTP based mechanism it also introduces smartphone based biometric authentication.

Forget Password

Forgot Password

SSO1 provides strong self password reset capabilities. Apart from traditional challenge-response mechanism it provides support from OTP based self password reset.

Bio Metric

Biometric Authentication

SSO1 comes with support for biometric based MFA. The latest series of iPhone and Samsung S/A are supported. For older Samsung phone (S2/S4) additional hardware need to be attached to the smartphone.

Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

SSO1 provides secure access based on Geo Location. The administrator can either define country based access or create a fence/ring based on longitude and latitude. 


Anti-Phishing Control

This feature provides out-of-box support for anti-phishing control such as restricting access to login page based on countries and IP address.

Browser Restriction

Browser Restriction

SSO1 can provide capability to restrict access of cloud based application through a specified browser(s).

IP Restriction

IP Restriction

Cloud application(s) can be accessed based on IP addresses. The administrator can specify ip-address or range from where access to application is allowed.

Time Restriction

Time Restriction

Restrict organization users from accessing cloud applications only in specific time slots/shift in a day with SSO1.


Single Point Access to All Application - SAML

SSO1 provides SSO integration with various cloud based application such as Google For Work,Zoho, Salesforce, Dropbox, FreshDesk and many other applications. This provides single point access to all applications without the need to re-authenticate again for a particular application.

Application Access

Mapping/Shared Application Access

SSO1 provides a unique capability for administrator to map multiple user account(s) to single account of cloud application. This can be helpful when same account is shared with multiple employees.

Dashboards & Reports

Comprehensive reporting platform to identify violation of various policies as required by administrator. Ability to export the reports in well known formats such as PDF and CSV.