Case Study of CASB for Swastik Technopack


Swastik TechnoPack is one of the leading renowned manufacturers & suppliers of comprehenssive assorment of Industrial Machineries. Their biggest challenge was not having a robust platform for communication which would slow down their process of ecision making internally 7 externally. This led to adoption of Google For Work for their organiztion that brought robust messaging 7 riche collaboration platform.

Hiral Pancholi, Director projects of Swastik TechnoPack Pvt.Ltd. is looking after all the verticals of this organizations from last 7 years. He is mostly into production & planning & also takes care of projects, Logistics, Purchase & overall Business Development of the organization.

Challenges with Google for work

Google For Work allowed Swastik TechnoPack Pvt. Ltd. to become more agile and efficient. The robust and mobile messaging platform of Gmail enhanced employees communication experience and allowed them to be available irrespective of time and location. This brought speed in decision making as it is no longer confined to the boundaries of the office.

But he started facing challenges which was not foreseen as a result of which the entire deployment of Google For Work was questioned.One of the biggest advantage of Google For Work was anywhere and anytime access of the enterprise data from any device. This was the coolest advantage of the Google platform but it also allows disgruntled employees to access the enterprise data from anywhere and become an agent of data leakage.

gControl As Solution

He was quick to understand the problem and started evaluating the solutions that could overcome the challenges posed by the flexibility of the Google For Work. After detailed technical due diligence CloudCodes gControl was chosen as Swastik TechnoPack CASB solution for Google Apps.

Swastik TechnoPack uses the following features of gControl for their 35 users to overcome the challenges faced by adoption of Google For Work.

Hiral Pancholi, Director of Projects who led the adoption of Google For Work and was instrumental in rollout of gControl says “gControl allowed us to add the layer of cloud security on top of the Google For Work without any big change management effort. Considering it’s a SSO1 solution the challenges to move to the platform was determined at the beginning and allowed all the users to move to the new platform in a seamless manner”.

Swastik TechnoPack implemented password policy to enforce strong password policies for all users of the organisation such as expiration of password after 45 days. Similarly they reduce their IT helpdesk tickets by 30% by implementing the self password reset. They implemented immense control over their employee access by using login page feature. The most important feature that helped them secure their organisation data on Google For Work was IP Restriction. They were able to enforce their employee to access the Google For Work from their office premises and very controlled access to travelling users.

He further added “gControl has all the extensive features which gave Swastik TechnoPack complete ease to secure our Enterprise. The unique features of SSO1 like IP restriction, has protected our Enterprise from Unauthorized access. It is also very useful as it restricts our employees not to login outside our premises, which helps secure our data. gControl has made our Google App Experience way better, now we are confident and more relaxed about managing our data.”

Now after adopting SSO1 Hiral can now have more control on accessing the company data in secure way, and it has brought more flexibility and explicitness in the overall working for Swastik TechnoPack Pvt. Ltd.

About Swastik TechnoPack Pvt. Ltd

Swastik TechnoPack Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1983 have positioned themselves in the league of most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive assortment of industrial machineries. Swastik is one of the leading manufacturers, exporter & turn key projects implementer of Machinery (Machine) & Equipments for the industries that includes Perfume Manufacturing Machine, Perfume Filling Machine, Perfume Chilling Machine, Perfume Filtration Machine, Perfume Storage Machine, Perfume Mixing Machine, Perfume Crimping Machine, Perfume Packaging Machine, Perfume Plant Automation Machine, etc. and suppliers of a comprehensive assortment of industrial machineries.