Case Study for Power Quality and Manufacturing Industry

CASB solution for Manufacturing Industry


A globally recognized, public listed manufacturing enterprise in Asia, that services the global polymer industry had moved their operations to the cloud, adopting G Suite as their cloud service provider for increased productivity and better collaboration within their teams. However, their IT team soon realized that they did not have much control over their data and it’s access.


While the productivity of the firm after deploying G Suite had noticeably increased, the firm’s IT team were now concerned about data protection and access. With the freedom of data access from any part of the world, arose the concern on unauthorized data access which could be very simple, had the user’s password leaked. This in turn, could potentially lead to data leakage, inadmissible data transfer and open several avenues for unauthorized data loss.

The IT team wanted to ensure that they have granular level control on their users and their activities, and did not want a regular password to be the only gateway to the firm’s data. Therefore, they were looking for a mechanism that could monitor, control and report any unauthorized user activity.


The IT team soon started looking for solutions that could help them restrict data access to authorized users, and from predefined IPs. After scanning solutions from various CASB vendors, the firm opted for CloudCodes for G Suite. They leveraged our Identity Management to bring additional security controls such as multi factor authentication. They also uses adaptive access controls to ensure un-authorized access outside the perimeters of their organisation is restricted.