Case Study for Aviation Industry

Case Study for ISB


Propelling the skies in the North Africa & Middle East is the largest low cost carrier. This Aviation Industry giant has this expertise of playing with volumes largely focusing on cutting down operational costs and providing low-cost flight and freight solutions. Connecting almost 130 hot destinations in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North Africa, they are the best air travel service providers not only ensuring comfort but also offering cost benefits and reliability. Their unique “Fly More” ideation has laid the strong foundation for passengers where they prefer traveling more frequently than ever before, ever expanding their customers’ horizons to new locations. While servicing the skies, they soon realized the value of adopting cloud-based applications into their operations to make their business model more scalable to cater to their customers’ growing demands for air travel. This adoption of cloud applications accounted for a manifold increase in production volumes and also expedited the turnaround times by bringing efficiency into the system. This massive increase in volumes gave birth to not only new opportunities but also the threats in the form of lapses in cloud security due to data proliferation. They were immediately provided with quick-fix solution in the form of CloudCodes CASB solution to address their growing concerns regarding cloud security and data protection over their cloud network.

Bottlenecks of Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption came as a breath of fresh air for this aviation giant, however, being in an industry that requires input of customer data, security of this data had posed to be the greatest challenge. Additionally, given their customers from different time zones, and offices spread across various geographies, handling operations throughout the day was of utmost importance, but coordinating and handing-over work to teams placed in various locations was also a question. Their IT department was meticulously engaged in troubleshooting such issues being faced and ensuring data security, which amounted to wastage of crucial work hours and manpower in just sorting out the sorties.

CloudCodes CASB Solution Enforced Robust Cloud Security Functionality

The network offices of this aviation giant soon seemed to focus all their efforts collectively to find a perfect cloud security solution to strengthen their cloud-based operations. Their days of research and meticulous focus pointed towards the new robust technology in the form of Cloud Access Security Brokers. The next step for them was to get hold of a perfect technology partner to provide a stringent CASB solution to best suit their operational requirements without impacting the true nature and theory of the business. They conducted several indigenous trials of CloudCodes CASB solution, and our team of expert developers worked hand-in-hand with them to carry out the customizations before actually proceeding with final deployment.

CloudCodes Single Sign On (SSO) feature enabled this firm’s employees to access their entire business suite of apps through one credentials, hence leveling down the risk of unauthorized access and data breach. Additionally, a Shared Login instance enabled multiple users to access a single account, making coordination simple, irrespective of geographies. This firm also opted for 2 factor authentication provided by CloudCodes Identity Management feature, thus keeping all unauthorized personnel, users and access at bay.

With CloudCodes for G Suite, the institute can now selectively apply policies to all its users or a set of users or department (OU) as per its requirement.