SSO1 (gControl) for Google Apps

Single Sign On solution for Enterprise Cloud Security

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SSO1 (gControl) - How it works

SSO1 (gControl) is a SSO solution for Google Apps with enterprise security and control features to enable customers to enforce enterprise security policies on Google Apps. SSO1 (gControl) provides the ability to Google Apps admin to choose between CloudCodes Identity Service or Microsoft Active Directory Service as a Identity source for users.

The core logic of the SSO1 (gControl) is SSO which works on SAML 2.0 architecture which is a global standard for SSO. When the admin enables the SSO on Google Apps the user is forced to get redirected to SSO provider which in this case would be SSO1 (gControl) for authentication and once the user is authentication we enforce all the security and control policies defined by the admin.

Some of the key benefits of SSO1 (gControl) are