Uncover Shadow IT

Debasish Pramanik | November 25th, 2016 | Articles


“Have you ever used DropBox to send large documents or official files?”

Yes, then you have gone through the practicality of Shadow IT. Basically, Shadow IT is the set of those cloud-based applications that are not approved by your IT department, yet an employee can use them for various reasons (like quick service, etc). Various surveys have confirmed this fact that most of the employees use various unsanctioned applications to get their work done, keeping safety and data confidentiality at stake.

The unmonitored and unauthorized data that flows from your business is never good for security. More challenges with uncovering shadow IT causes more danger in the scope of an organization. Installation of any third party application by your employees unknowingly causes high risk malicious attacks like Phishing attack, Ransomware attack which puts your confidential data in a high risk.

Many times, employees are unaware of the risks associated with the use of unapproved applications for data transfer. These apps just wanted to use the shortest route to get their tasks done. It’s a job of the organization to make their employees aware of the effectiveness of cloud applications on resources by the organization’s IT department. There should be some system or tool to deny high risk application usage on various or all employees’ devices.

Where can you find such type of a solution to monitor employee devices? How can you implement security checks on their devices, be it official approved laptops or Smartphones or their personal devices under BYOD (Bring your own device) policy? This can be procured by some policies or restrictions applied by an IT department of organization.

  • Evaluate the requirement about particular software which is requested by an employee.
  • Understand the necessity or urgency of requested software.
  • Understand the risk of data leakage or data breach if haphazardly done for any third party application.

This analysis helps to evaluate the employee's’ activities by setting up various policies within an organization. These policies should be in a scope of scrutinizing the requested tool in all means of security before enabling it.

Well! CloudCodes brings to you a really innovative and much-useful solution to manage every such issue of data security. It has a cloud security solution; SSO1 which is all capable of covering all these security glitches. Under which IT administrator can efficiently monitor employee’s activities to work in a flow. This comes to the result of secured enterprise in more ethical way by covering it with all compliances by an IT department.