5 Different Tips To Avoid GDPR Fines While Ensuring Cyber Security

Debasish Pramanik Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • June 11th, 2021

After the ICO problems $450 million of GDPR penalties in a week; ensure that you aren’t the next. In today’s CloudCodes post provides deep knowledge about the tips to avoid GDPR fines & also the best five practices to mitigate the chance of GDPR data loss penalty.

In June 2019, both Marriott hotels and British airways have attained the headlines. It happened because of the huge GDPR fines that they have paid. Around $229 million for BA and $123 million for Marriott – these penalties were imposed. The fines show that the EU General data protection regulation has provided enforcers like the ICO of the UK, some severe teeth. The fine of British airways is almost 400 times more than the previous record fine of ICO – a $645,000 fine was given to Facebook for the scandal of Cambridge Analytica.

With these new penalties in mind, it is a perfect chance to ensure that you minimize the risk of being next in the line. European Union GDPR is dedicated to the protection of the EU residential data; no matter where the company is located. Marriott – a United States industry – is an example of the same. Well, what we found usually is that people are unaware of tips to avoid GDPR fines. Therefore, here we are with the best five practices to mitigate the chance of the GDPR data loss penalty.

5 Tips to Avoid GDPR Fines

  1. Patch Previously, Patch Often: Reduce the chance of cybersecurity threats by resolving vulnerabilities, which can be utilized to enter into the target’s system illegally. There are no limit boundaries that clearly mean – everything matters, including patches.
  2. Protect Personal Data on Cloud: Try to work on the cloud in a way you work protectively on your computer. Close all the useless services and ports, use data encryption algorithms and check that you have proper data access controls in place. Also, do it on all your cloud environments, involving development and QA.
  3. Minimize Access to Personal Data: Mitigate the chances of data exposure and avoid GDPR fines by gathering and retaining only the data you require. Ensure the only individuals with a right to access it, who are actually in need of using business confidential files, including the customer’s information.
  4. Organize Awareness Training Class: Make sure that every person who may get in touch with personal information knows the method to deal with it securely. It is the responsibility of the company’s higher authorities to educate their employees with a measure to work securely online. This is one of the major GDPR requirements.
  5. Document Cyber Security Activities: Companies need to display their thought process regarding data security. They need to show their equal amount of concern regarding the protection of business vital data as well as the client’s data. Organizations have to show a precautions list to protect PII.

CloudCodes Can Help in Avoiding GDPR Fines

To reduce the chance of hackers getting to your information, we provide all-in-one Cybersecurity solutions, including data loss prevention techniques, Shadow IT security, mobile device management security, etc. The solution is a manageable platform where end users can manage data security work along with their actual work process. Efforts can be reduced by the adoption of CloudCodes CASB solution and hence, GDPR fines can also be avoided. Interested candidates can check out the solution by requesting it free edition.