Business IT Challenges – Points On Which Companies Have to Focus This Year

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  • March 18th, 2019

Business IT Challenges

With the arrival of new year, the emergence of new technology is also taking place. Information technical teams are concentrating on finishing projects during the breaks. The perspective of doing the same during the holidays is to reduce disruption to the company. They are attempting annual operations associated with data retention and cleaning up of cache or temporary files from the system. All these activities are carried away only after giving assurance that regular working operation will not be hampered. Here, the purpose of coming live with today’s CloudCodes post is to aware readers with some of the trending technologies, which are in actual business IT challenges while talking about network protection.

Business IT Challenges That Have to Be Focused Now

  1. Regular Use of Cloud Computing For Office Work – Several enterprises are leveraging the advantages of cloud computing technology and for sure, this trend is to grow continuously. Applications and services movement to private or public cloud platforms, consolidated with the traffic volume created by connected elements, and the price of broad area network service causes cloud users to learn that ‘how edge computing could help them to maintain network traffic locally and reduce latency?’ The main purpose behind getting answer to this question is to attempt data closer to the creation point, prior to the sending of data on the cloud. This will reduce the total amount of data sent to the information centers or cloud platforms. Enterprises will be discovering more options of edge and the method to secure it in the current year. Redundant internet connectivity will continue to be essential for a reliable machine while reducing the network traffic.
  2. Use of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Is Core – The interconnected network of physical “smart” elements – those appended with products and electronics, linked in a network to gather and transfer information – will continue its expansion. In today’s date, there are more than 3.6 billion components connected over the internet. Smart electronic devices have diverse nature, which ranges from wearables to sensor devices, to radio-frequency identification, to cars, and more. The purpose of using these devices is a core driver for digitization in several business fields like healthcare and manufacturing. Traffic management, light management, energy management, etc., are handled by using this technology in smart cities. This smart hardware components can be inexpensive and sophisticated. While making selection of these devices to use them for business purpose, it is crucial to encounter business IT challenges that are related to the device and then, program the network accordingly.
  3. Expansion In Use of the Interconnected Devices – There exists increase in the traffic on the already existing congested web due to the increase in the use of interconnected devices. This traffic in the network will drive the requirement for expansion in the 5G network. When available, 5G promises to provide services 100 times faster than the existing 4G technology and 10 times faster than the recent broadband connectivity. Till then, network connectivity and speed conditions are important to plan for the smart device’s inclusion in the delivery of services.
  4. Security Is The Most Important Concern in Firms – Cloud computing threats will continue to become more sophisticated because attackers employ the trending and best software available. These products comprise of artificial intelligence technology within it. The security models are designed on the basis of zero-trust to analyze the behavior of persons who use confidential information for achieving more access control. Biometric or dual-factor authentication might be warranted. Approaches to combat internet threats might include blockchain technology, machine learning, and AI technology. A well-programmed IT security strategy is an important need in the year 2019.
  5. Increase in Number of Smart Devices Is Risky – Another business IT challenge is that it is compulsory to adopt endpoint security products to manage smart devices used in the business environment. IT will come up with forward methods for controlling use of applications, data loss prevention, and monitoring of network security with health status too. All these challenges are to be fulfilled necessarily when a firm utilizes IoT devices to achieve working flexibility with security.
  6. Populating of IoT Devices With Expansion In AI Use – 20 percent of companies decide to implement some automated products in the current year. The IT implications of these preparation range from those concerning to use and standard to the technical aspects like specialized AI chips availability. The aim behind these preparations is to render processing that is required to strengthen AI system.

That’s All From Our End

There exists six business IT challenges that have to covered this year to achieve prevention against cloud computing security threats 2019. If desired, organizations can take of vendors who provide security-as-a-service. These vendors have a team of technically skilled officials who known basic as well as advanced technologies to secure the client’s cloud data. One such vendor is CloudCodes that provides a consolidated automated approach, which is embedded with all Cyber security solutions required to overcome business IT challenges. Enterprises can give it a try before purchasing it by putting forward the request for trial version.